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Measures to Protect Structures from Major Earthquakes Frontier Service Research Lab.

Measures to Protect Structures from Major Earthquakes 

The Great East Japan Earthquake caused the ceiling to collapse in buildings such as stations. We conducted testing and analysis to find out how damaged ceilings collapsed and carried out work such as experiments to determine how the ceilings can be reinforced to prevent them from collapsing in future.

Previous major earthquakes such as the Southern Hyogo Prefecture Earthquake in Kobe also caused structures such as railway viaducts, railway embankments, cut stone walls and brick walls to collapse. With the Tokyo area expected to experience a major earthquake in the near future, we are evaluating the earthquake-proof performance of our structures and developing a reinforcement method using high-strength, small-diameter steel materials and another using reinforcing poles and a net to prevent collapses.

We are carrying out ongoing research and development of safe and economical methods to ensure the greatest possible safety.