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Research on Preventative Safety that Averts Accidents Safety Research Laboratory

Research on Preventative Safety that Averts Accidents

Our drivers are working in conditions that change constantly, but the risk of error differs depending on the situation. Even experienced drivers can cause errors if they are not exposed to situations that require caution.

Thus far, training has tended to focus on technical skills, knowledge and skills that are directly related to the trainee’s work, but various industries are now turning their attention to non-technical skills (NTS) to supplement this.

In this research, we identified the NTS required for various railway jobs, organized them in the form of sensing danger and preventing error and found ways to use them to prevent human error.

The JR East Group’s safety plan for 2023 includes an initiative to focus on things that are being done well too. We are using this in our research, remembering occasions when employees have noticed risks and acted to prevent errors and then devising methods and frameworks to develop those NTS further.