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Technical Review

JR EAST Technical Review No.35-2017

We published this JR East Technical Review to provide information of our R&D. We expect more people be informed about the characteristics of our R&D, and thereby to encourage people to suggest how the progress can be made if new technologies are applied at our R&D efforts.
Special feature article
A Retrospective and Prospective View on the Technologies Safeguarding Railway Trains Against Natural Hazards

Makoto Shimamura
Director-General Innovation Center for
Meteorological Disaster Mitigation,
National Research Institute for
Earth Science and Disaster Resilience
History of The Disaster Prevention Research Laboratory

Hiroto Suzuki
Director, Disaster Prevention Research Laboratory,
Research and Development Center of JR East Group
Special edition paper
Study on Utilization of Radar-observed Rainfall for Train Operation Control

Yoshinori Watanabe, Ryoji Oshima, Hiroto Suzuki
Research on a Gust Detection System Using Doppler Radar

Chusei Fujiwara, Taro Kitamura, Hiroto Suzuki
Improvement of Method of Train Operation Control Against Wind Gusts Using Weather Information

Yosuke Nagumo, Hiroto Suzuki, Chusei Fujiwara
Improvement of Functions and Precision of the Critical Wind Speed of Overturning Calculation System

Shinji Takeda, Akiko Oyama, Yayoi Misu, Ken'ichi Doi
Statistical Analysis of Relation between Earthquake Intensity and Damage Generation on Viaducts with and without Seismic Reinforcement

Hiroyuki Miyakoshi, Seiichiro Hayashi, Shoichi Uemura,
Hiroto Suzuki
Evaluation of Risk Factors of Occurrence of Large-Scale Disasters by the EADaS Method

Keiichi Onoda, Hiroshi Muraoka, Osamu Suzuki,
Toshio Kobayashi, Hiroto Suzuki
Detection of Increasingly Severe Natural Phenomena and Disaster Prevention for Railway Facilities

Koichiro Mizuno, Akihiro Takizawa, Junji Oonuki, Hiroyuki Osawa
Study on Smoke Behavior in Fires at Station Concourses of Under-viaduct Station Using Scale Reduced Models

Hideki Ozumi, Osamu Suzuki, Susumu Mafune,
Toshio Kobayashi, Hiroto Suzuki