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Nasu Kogen


Not far from the city, Nasu Kogen is a highlands popular as a place to get away from the summer heat. Blessed with an abundance of nature and beautiful scenery, Nasu Kogen is also filled with many excellent places for visitors such as leisure facilities, art museums, farms and zoos. For those willing to go a bit further out, the World Heritage temples and shrines are also excellent to visit.

Recommended Sights

A pastureA pasture

Minamigaoka Dairy

Minamigaoka Dairy is a farm open year-round for anyone to visit. Parking and admission are free. Among the animals visitors can see close up are cows, sheep and horses, and delicious food is also served that is made from ingredients found only on a farm.
(From Nasushiobara Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen Line, it is 38 minutes on the Toya bus, followed by a 15-minute walk)

A bird showA bird show

Nasu Animal Kingdom

More than 500 animals from around the world live at Nasu Animal Kingdom. Visitors encounter alpacas, capybaras and many other animals, and the attractions include fun animal shows.
(Approximately 70 minutes by free shuttle bus from Nasushiobara Station – reservations required)

Nasu Garden OutletNasu Garden Outlet

Nasu Garden Outlet

This is a resort-type outlet mall built around the theme of community-based living. Among the natural settings at Nasu Garden Outlet are more than 140 restaurants and shops selling sporting, outdoor and miscellaneous goods, as well as fashionable clothing. A Kids Garden with unique playground equipment and a garden extending approximately 500 meters in length are just two of the natural features. Also included are dog resort facilities with an expansive, grassy dog run, a doggy cafe and a doggy shop. Enjoy not only shopping but the natural environment of Nasu all year round.
(Approximately eight minutes by free shuttle bus from the west exit of Nasushiobara Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen Line)

Shiobara Onsen VillageShiobara Onsen Village

Shiobara Onsen

With more than 1,200 years of history, Shiobara Onsen Village has 11 hot spring facilities with different types of hot spring waters. For centuries, the area has been a favorite for many as a health resort. There are many outdoor baths that can be enjoyed on a day trip, and it's easy to visit multiple hot spring locations to enjoy the different facilities.
(Approximately 42 minutes by express bus from Nasushiobara Station on the Tohoku Shinkansen Line)

Local Cuisine

Nikko yuba cookingNikko yuba cooking

Nikko yuba cooking

Yuba, or tofu skin, is a soybean product created by using a bamboo skewer or similar tool to lift the thin film that forms when soy milk is boiled. Yuba can be enjoyed in a wide range of forms, including fresh and sashimi style.

Sano ramenSano ramen

Sano Ramen

The characteristics of Sano ramen come from the quality water and wheat used, as well as the unique flavor and body brought out by the rolling technique using green bamboo. Try out the different varieties of Sano ramen at the more than 200 shops.

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