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With its operational area in the north eastern Japan including the Tokyo metropolis, JR East is the largest railway company in Japan. Its railway network boasts more than 7,000 service kilometers, includes intercity and regional transport, and has a daily passenger usage of around 17 million. JR East provides high speed transport to local cities via its Shinkansen network, which connects Tokyo with regional cities in five directions.

JR East is pursuing an ultimate safety level as its top management priority. And, as one entity, JR East Group is creating affluent lives for everyone, including its customers, line-side communities, and its employees by emphasizing customers’ trust and by developing a network of related businesses, especially with information technology.

Regarding our medium- and long-term business strategy, please refer to JR East Group Management Vision, "Move UP" 2027 in the link below.

JR East Group Management Vision "Move UP" 2027

(As of May 31, 2020)