Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

1. What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a file created on your device when you visit a website. It contains information sent from the website you visit. By using Cookies, a website can identify your browser when you return to the same website you visited before, which makes it more convenient to use the website by skipping the input of the same information to the website.

2. Why do we use Cookies?

We use Cookies for the following purpose.

  • 1.1 Authentication
    We use Cookies to verify your account and keep you logged in, in order to smoothly provide our services. For example, when you are going back and forth between webpages of our online booking/purchasing website, re-authentication is not needed of your account within a certain period of time because of the use of Cookies.
  • 1.2 Keeping session state
    We use Cookies to keep the session state when you are visiting our websites. For example, our websites identify your browser by the session ID which is issued by the website and saved in Cookies.
  • 1.3 Restricting actions
    We use Cookies to restrict actions when using our website. For example, we use Cookies in a survey page to help prevent duplicated answers.
  • 1.4 Analytics and performance improvement
    We use Cookies to analyze how people use our websites in order to improve them. For example, we can find which webpages are most popular by analyzing Page Views, Dwell Time which are collected in Cookies, to improve the providing contents which people are more interested in. Also, we can find the websites or functions which performance needs to be improved by analyzing the response time of each webpage.
  • 1.5 Advertisement
    We use Cookies to improve the relevance of advertisement display of products and services. For example, our websites show advertisement of the products and services which you are interested in by analyzing the search history of our website which is saved in Cookies.

3. How we use Cookies?

We use Cookies in our corporate websites for the purpose of “Keeping session state”, “Analytics and performance improvement”, and “Advertisement”.

We use Cookies in our Material Procurement Information website for the purpose of “Restricting actions”.

We use Cookies in our online booking/purchasing website such as “JR EAST Train Reservation” for the purpose of “Authentication”, “Keeping session state”, “Analytics and performance improvement”, and “Advertisement”.

The retention periods of the Cookies we use for each purpose are as below.

  • 1 year for the purpose of “Authentication”
  • Until browser is closed or 36 minutes for the purpose of “Keeping session state”
  • 90 days for the purpose of “Restricting actions”
  • 2 years at maximum for the purpose of “Analytics and performance improvement”
  • 90 days at maximum for the purpose of “Advertisement”

4. Consent

Authentication Cookies are used when you log in to our website. If you continue browsing our website or use mobile phone application, it shall be deemed that you have agreed our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy and consented to our use of cookies during your use of our service.

5. How can I disable Cookies?

You can disable the Cookies at any time by changing the settings of Cookies of your browser. How to change the settings is different between each browser. Please refer to the support page of each browser. The followings are the URLs of the support pages of browsers majorly used.

Internet Explorer:

Please understand that if you disable all the Cookies, some of the functions of a website may work improperly, services which need authentication may not be provided, and there may be limit of using services on the Internet.

6. Revision

This Cookie Policy is subject to change without prior notice if necessary. The revised Cookie Policy will be posted on our website.