Yamagata Shinkansen

Yamagata Shinkansen

The Yamagata Shinkansen Tsubasa began service in 1992, and operates from Tokyo to Shinjo with stops along the way, including Fukushima and Yamagata. Initially operating to Yamagata Station, the service was extended to Shinjo Station in 1999. Along the line are located a series of celebrated hot springs. The Yamagata area is known for its cherries as well as grapes, pears and other fruit cultivation. Visit a u-pick orchard or maybe just buy some to take home as presents.

The Train Line-up

Series E3

Series E3

Tsubasa: Tokyo - Yamagata / Shinjo


The Tsubasa is coupled to the Yamabiko between Tokyo and Fukushima.

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Interior Layout of Cars

Non-smoking cars

The Tsubasa Series E3: 7-car trains

The Tsubasa Series E3: 7-car trains


Trains between Tokyo and Fukushima are coupled with an 10-car train.
The public telephone service is available between Tokyo and Fukushima Stations.

  • Green cars (First class)
  • Changing bed
  • Lavatory
  • Restrooms
  • Men's toilet
  • Seats for wheelchair users
  • Accessible facility
  • Telephone
  • Conductor's room

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Series E3

Green cars (First class)
Ordinaly Car

Places of Interest

Yamagatashinkansen Map

During the Warring States period of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Yonezawa was historically a castle town with deep connections to the daimyo (load) Uesugi, which produced famous generals during the Warring States period in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. In this town today are interspersed a great number of historical locations and gardens including Uesugi Shrine and the Uesugi Mausoleum. The blossoming cherry trees lining the moats of the shrine are a sight to behold, particularly just after the prime of the blooming as the petals begin to scatter. The food in Yonezawa is also renowned, with Yonezawa beef rated as top-class in Japan, and Yonezawa ramen is famous for its light, pleasant flavor.
Access: Take the Yamagata Shinkansen to Yonezawa Station.
Akayu/Kaminoyama Onsen
The region between Yonezawa and Yamagata Stations is blessed with many hot springs, among which Akayu Onsen and Kaminoyama Onsen are two popular destinations conveniently located for an easy trip from Tokyo. Visit the morning market where you will find freshly picked fruits and vegetables, and return to the hot spring for a bath. Then perhaps change into a yukata cotton robe for a truly leisurely afternoon.
Access: Take the Yamagata Shinkansen to Akayu or Kaminoyama Onsen Station.
Located by bus about 40 minutes from Yamagata Station is Mount Zao, home to ski resorts and snow monsters (juhyo), natural winter formations created from snow and ice. Popular attractions include the giant open-air hot spring and the three-house common bath, both supplied with naturally acidic hot water, highly rated for its favorable effects on the skin.
Access: Take the Yamagata Shinkansen to Yamagata Station, then transfer to the bus to Mount Zao.