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Second half of FY2006 (October to March)

This page contains public press releases in exactly the form that they were issued (JR East Public Relations Department).
These texts are the same as the contents of the Japanese Press Release website.
To view the body texts, click the linked headlines.

March 6, 2007 : Introduction of New Electric Railcars to the Joban Line (Local Train) (Through Service with the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line)
- E233 series DC electric railcars -
    : Tokyo Station City Starts to Take Shape
GranSta, a Shopping Complex Within the Ticket Gates in the Basement of Tokyo Station, to Open in October 2007
    : Tokyo Station City Starts to Take Shape
Sapia Tower, Situated at the Nihombashi Exit of Tokyo Station, Completed in March 2007
February 26, 2007 : Changes to the Operational Structure for Hotels in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
February 22, 2007 : JR East Receives the 16th Global Environment Award, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award
February 21, 2007 : Hiring Plans for FY2008
December 21, 2006 : Suica and PASMO Compatible from March 18, 2007
December 5, 2006 : Greater Efforts to Alleviate Transportation Problems in Greater Tokyo
    : Suica & N'EX Tickets for Overseas Visitors to Japan to Go on Sale on Wednesday, March 28, 2007
November 24, 2006 : GBP 350 million 4.750 per cent bonds due 2031
November 7, 2006 : Measures to Reduce Service Disruptions when Restrictions are in Force due to High Winds
    : Installation of the First Network Signal Control System
October 20, 2006 : Progress in Measures to Prevent Shinkansen Derailment