Train Vert is the JR East Shinkansen travel magazine. This magazine introduces the culinary culture, local customs, and natural environment of East Japan, with the concept “feel travel, think about travel.”

“Train Vert” is a French term meaning “green train.”

This month's Train Vert

Journeying through Yamagata and antiques. The tale of Shonai, Niigata, and Kanazawa - 3 cities connected by kitamae-bune (Edo-era cargo ships that sailed the Sea of Japan).

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The Shonai region of Yamagata, a prefecture in northern Honshu of the Japanese archipelago, faces the Sea of Japan and thrived on marine transportation during the Edo Period (1603-1868). Brought over from the island of Kyushu on the southern part of the archipelago, a large number of signature pieces remain of Imari ware, an eminent Japanese brand of ceramics. The pieces from that time are called Koimari; they are highly popular and have many collectors. Yamagata is also a treasure house of tools from life in the past, such as mino straw raincoats and boro rags. We will present to you a journey enjoying Yamagata through antiques.



A Journey to Find the Beauty of Antiques


Shonai, Niigata, Kanazawa. A Journey to Experience Flavor with Antique Dishes.


Yamagata, Founder of Design. A Journey to Discover the Link Between Antiques and Modern Products.


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