Train Vert is the JR East Shinkansen travel magazine. This magazine introduces the culinary culture, local customs, and natural environment of East Japan, with the concept “feel travel, think about travel.”

“Train Vert” is a French term meaning “green train.”

This month's Train Vert

Niigata—an exploration of food

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Here we present some journeys for enjoying the unique cuisine, sweets, and sake of Niigata Prefecture, located in the central part of Japan’s main island of Honshu, facing the Sea of Japan. In the first section, a food journalist travels around markets seeking classic Niigata ingredients and dishes. In the second section, we introduce cakes made using rice flour, developed recently in Niigata, as well as traditional snacks, as viewed by an expert researcher of confectionary. In the third section, an essayist whose life’s work has been exploring sake breweries introduces the new charms of Niigata sake. This special feature draws on the attractions of Niigata, a treasure trove of food surrounded by rich natural surroundings of sea, river and countryside.



Journey around markets of land and sea


Where rice is made, sweets are made. Explore the snacks of Niigata


Niigata, land of delicious sake. Towards a cleaner, dryer flavor


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