Train Vert is the JR East Shinkansen travel magazine. This magazine introduces the culinary culture, local customs, and natural environment of East Japan, with the concept “feel travel, think about travel.”

“Train Vert” is a French term meaning “green train.”

This month's Train Vert

Tochigi in Spring is the Flower Capital

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Tochigi Prefecture, located in the north of the Kanto region in the central part of Honshu island, is home to many famous spots for seeing flowers. It is recommended to go between April and May, the season when the flowers are the most beautiful. They bloom all over, from downtown to the highlands and lakes between mountains. Here we will present a journey to enjoy this banquet of flowers that you can only find in the abundant nature of Tochigi.



To a Wisteria Trellis Recognized Worldwide and a Highland Tulip Field


Tochigi's Festivals Decorated with Flowers


Oku-Nikko and Nasu Highlands. A Short Trek Around Clusters of Flowers


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