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Discovery: The Most Advanced of Ancient Regions, Gunma

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In 2012, a discovery was made in Gunma Prefecture of the Kanto Area, that stunned archeologists throughout Japan. A skeleton, clad in armor from the Kofun Period, had been discovered in the Kanai Higashiura Ruins of Shibukawa City. And last year, a stone monument known as Kozuke Sanpi (The Three Stelae of Kozuke) became a registered UNESCO "Memory of the World." With all this, Gunma Prefecture in recent years has been alive with news of ancient times. But what kind of kingdom had there been back then? This article will take you through some of the spots of Gunma Prefecture, all the while looking for things that could connect back to modern times.



Discovering One of the Greatest Kofun Period Kingdoms of the Kanto Area in Gunma Prefecture


The Pompeii of Japan: An Advanced Civilization Found Buried Under Volcanic Gravel


Takasaki, Land of Advanced Industry: As Seen Through the Inscriptions on the Three Stelae of Kozuke


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