Sample Itineraries – We have created some great itineraries for enjoying Sendai and Matsushima in Miyagi.

Here we introduce some sample itineraries for one night and two days in Miyagi Prefecture to enjoy the area without rushing. Enjoy to your heart's content the nature, fine food, hot springs and other attractions in areas throughout Miyagi.

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Dining Shopping Nature History&Traditions

Matsushima Bay
Matsushima Bay

On this tour, enjoy historical temples and the beautiful scenery of Matsushima Bay to your heart's content. Also, when it's time to eat, be sure to visit the bustling marketplace, where you can get fresh fish and other marine products brought in directly from the sea.

Hot springs Nature History&Traditions

Naruko-onsen-kyo Hot Spring Village
Naruko-onsen-kyo Hot Spring Village

On this tour, visit Naruko Hot Spring, renowned for its Tohoku spas, to wipe away your travel fatigue, as well as Motsu-ji Temple and Chuson-ji Temple, which attest to the splendor of the Northern Fujiwaras and convey a sense of history.

Dining Nature History&Traditions

Shiroishi Castle
Shiroishi Castle

On this tour, enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Mount Zao and Shiroishi Castle, as well as areas associated with Date Masamune. While ruminating over history, enjoy a stroll in the castle town.

Dining Hot springs Shopping Nature History&Traditions Museums

Marine Pal Onagawa Fish Market
Marine Pal Onagawa Fish Market

On this trip, enjoy the marine culture of the harbor towns in the Sanriku area with its ria coastline, and the old-fashioned feel of the Tome townscape, which was very much a modern look in its time.

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