Summer-Special Feature: Festivals

Summer festivals are one feature of summer in Japan you cannot miss. Here we have put together some information on a number of festivals that are typical of those in the Eastern Japan area.

The options range from the energetic frenzy of the Nebuta Festival in Aomori, scorching the short northern summer nights with color, to the Tanabata Festival of Sendai, which will cool you down. The spectacularly colored floats and shouting dancers make the Japanese summer festival a unique experience, and we have lots of information to help you experience it first-hand.

For travel to the summer festivals in the Eastern Japan Area, we invite you to travel on the JR East Shinkansen and limited express trains.

Summer Festival Map for the Eastern Japan Area

Information on summer festivals throughout Eastern Japan. Check out the individual pages for detailed information on what to look for and how to get there.

Summer Festival Map for the Eastern Japan Area Kenshin Festival – Niigata Prefecture Soma Nomaoi – Fukushima Prefecture Yamagata Hanagasa Festival – Yamagata Prefecture Hirosaki Neputa Festival – Aomori Prefecture Aomori Nebuta Festival – Aomori Prefecture Goshogawara Tachi Neputa – Aomori Prefecture Morioka Sansa Odori – Iwate Prefecture Akita Kanto Festival – Akita Prefecture Sendai Tanabata Festival – Miyagi Prefecture

Summer Festival Calendar 2017

  Jul. 29
Jul. 30
Jul. 31
Aug. 1
Aug. 2
Aug. 3
Aug. 4
Aug. 5
Aug. 6
Aug. 7
Aug. 8
- Aug. 26
Aug. 27
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B                       -    
C                       -    
D                       -    
E                       -    
F                       -    
G                       -    
H                       -    
I                       -    


More great summer events in Japan! A selection of excellent fireworks shows that are lighting up the skies throughout Eastern Japan.

Summer – Fireworks Special Feature

As of June 2017.