Spring-Enjoy Cherry Blossom Viewing

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SpringEnjoy Cherry Blossom Viewing

Cherry Blossom Trivia

A Thousand and One Cherry Blossom Trees

Cherry blossoms are planted in a variety of numbers and arrangements, ranging from the stately single tree at Miharu Takizakura to the innumerable and awe-inspiring "thousand cherry blossom trees" at Kitakami Municipal Park. There are also many different ways to enjoy cherry blossoms.

The great cherry blossom treeat Miharu TakizakuraThe great cherry blossom tree at Miharu Takizakura

The thousand cherry blossom treesat Kitakami Municipal ParkThe thousand cherry blossom trees at Kitakami Municipal Park

Nighttime Cherry Blossoms

One of the many ways cherry blossoms can be enjoyed is viewing them at night for a special, mystical beauty, brought to life by illumination.

Nighttime Cherry BlossomsNighttime Cherry Blossoms

Nighttime Cherry Blossoms

Note: Due to relocation work, the view of Hirosaki Castle is not as pictured.

The 100-yen Coin

Cherry blossoms are deeply embedded in Japanese culture, and this is reflected on the face of the 100-yen coin, which depicts cherry blossoms. The next time you have one in your hand, impress your friends with this little fact about Japanese culture!

The two sides of a 100-yen coinThe two sides of a 100-yen coin

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Cherry Blossoms as Food

After enjoying the cherry blossoms visually, you might want to see what they taste like. A great many culinary delights are produced in Japan using cherry blossoms, including confections with cherry blossom motifs, cherry blossom teas, and cuisine that incorporates the flavor of cherry blossoms, available only during the blossom season, and even Japanese sake made with cherry blossoms. We invite you to look around and see how cherry blossoms suit your palate.

Cherry blossom rice cakeCherry blossom rice cake

Cherry blossom sakeCherry blossom sake

Yoshino Cherry Trees

The Prunus × yedoensis, or Yoshino cherry tree, is the type of cherry blossom tree most often seen in Japan, but did you know that it is a hybrid? Unable to reproduce naturally, they are treated with great care by their cultivators so they produce splendid blossoms year after year.

Yoshino Cherry TreesYoshino Cherry Trees

Yoshino Cherry Trees

Unusual Colors

Although cherry blossoms are typically pink or white, there are also unusual varieties that flower in green and yellow. Some enjoy seeking out such unusual cherry blossoms.

A gioiko, a green flowing cherry blossom varietyA gioiko, a green flowing cherry blossom variety

A grandiflora, with white blossomsA grandiflora, with white blossoms