Kusatsu and Minakami

Kusatsu Hot Spring is counted among the Three Great Springs of Japan and boasts the largest quantity of hot water output in Japan, said to be 36,000 liters a minute. The Kusatsu was named for Kusatsu Hot Spring. Between Ueno in Tokyo and Shin-Maebashi Station, the Kusatsu train runs coupled with the Minakami train. The train provides direct access to resort areas in north Kanto, a popular option particularly for those seeking beautiful mountains and lots of hot springs. Please confirm dates and times of train operation for Minakami in advance.

The Train Line-up

Series 185

Series 185

Special Color

Kusatsu: Ueno – Manza-Kazawaguchi
Minakami: Ueno – Minakami

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Interior Layout of Cars

Kusatsu / Minakami Series 185: 7-car trains

Non-smoking cars

Kusatsu / Minakami Series 185: 7-car trains

Kusatsu / Minakami Series 185: 7-car trains

Note: The Kusatsu runs coupled with the Minakami between Ueno and Shim-Maebashi Stations.

  • Green cars (First class)
  • Lavatory
  • Restrooms
  • Conductor's room

Places of Interest

The Kusatsu and Minakami Map Minakami Onsen

Kusatsu Onsen
With more hot water flowing from the ground than any other hot spring in Japan, Kusatsu's hot water comes from a flowing artesian spring, where the water flows out naturally, without the need for pumping. Its outlets are scattered throughout the town. Kusatsu, Arima in Hyogo Prefecture and Gero in Gifu Prefecture are called the Three Great Springs of Japan, and the yubatake or hot spring field in the center of town is a symbol of Kusatsu, where the minerals from the water are collected. Shared baths (men and women) are available free of charge where visitors can enjoy hot spring waters to their heart's content.
Access: Take the Agatsuma Line to Naganoharakusatsuguchi Station, then transfer to the local bus.
Minakami and Mount Tanigawa
Minakami lies in a valley located in the Tanigawa Mountains and is known as the gateway to Mount Tanigawa. To the south of the town is Minakami Hot Springs, where many great Japanese writers once frequented. With walking paths provided, the beautiful sights of Suwa and Minakami Valleys are great attractions.
Access: Take the Joetsu Line to Minakami Station.
Oze is the largest wetland in Japan. Interconnected peat bogs are scattered throughout the area, surrounded by mountains in the 2,000-meter range, including Mount Shibutsu. Strict regulations are in place prohibiting automobiles and other vehicles from entering, though walking is permitted. The paths are lined with planks for easier walking, and hikers will find great beauty in the mountain wildflowers that grow such as tussock cottongrass and daylilies.
Access: Take the Joetsu Line to Numata Station, then transfer to the local bus.