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Special Summer Schedule to End

East Japan Railway Company

September 2, 2011

From June 24 to September 22, we are operating a Special Summer Schedule that includes fewer trains running on some lines between the hours of about 12:00 to 3:00 PM, as based on the Power Use Limitation Order.

Following the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s announcement on August 30 that the Limitation Order will be lifted on September 9, we have decided to bring forward the termination date of our Special Summer Schedule.

  1. About the Special Summer Schedule
    • The Special Summer Schedule will end on Friday, September 9.
    • From Monday, September 12, the usual weekday schedule will resume.
      (*As we were already operating a normal weekend and holiday service, there will be no change to the schedule on September 10 and 11).
  2. Energy-Saving Measures at Stations and on Trains

    Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, with our valued customers’understanding we have been implementing an energy-saving policy including such measures as turning off or lowering the lights at stations and on trains. Because it is anticipated that the very difficult electricity supply situation will go on for some time, we have decided that, in general, we will keep these energy-saving measures in place.

    We know this will cause our valued customers some inconvenience and distress and we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

[Reference] Energy-Saving Measures at Stations and on Trains

  • Some fluorescent lighting in concourses and on platforms will be removed and some other lighting will be turned off or lowered during the day.
  • Some fluorescent lighting on trains will be removed and some other lighting will be switched off during the day. (This does not apply to Shinkansen and Limited Express trains.)
  • Some electronic signs will be switched off.
  • Some ticket vending machines will be taken out of service.
  • Some station shops will turn off or lower their lights.

We will continue with efforts to save energy in all our company’s offices, including headquarters, branch, and field offices.