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Construction of JR Otsuka Station South Exit Building
(Provisional Name)

East Japan Railway Company

June 28, 2011

East Japan Railway Company (JR East) will construct a multi-use building directly connected to Otsuka Station and that is closely integrated with the community. Located at the south exit of the station and containing office space, a shopping center and sports facility, it aims to create a town center for local residents.

In addition to the convenient location adjoining the station, the building will include the first licensed childcare center on the Yamanote Line (as currently planned), which will also have a dedicated garden for children to play in.

A bicycle parking lot will be located in the B1 level of the new building. It is also planned to connect to the Otsuka Station south exit underground bicycle parking lot that Toshima Ward is planning, and integrating this with the bicycle parking lot in front of the station will enhance convenience for customers using the area around the station.

The building will have LED lighting, low-emissivity (low-e) multi-pane glass for excellent insulation and other eco-friendly features.

External view
External view


Overview of JR Otsuka Station South Exit Building (provisional name)

  (1)  Characteristics and services
    The building will help enhance Otsuka area attractiveness and functions by bringing together a shopping center offering ideas for rich lifestyles, a sports club for an enjoyable workout, and office space providing a comfortable work environment.
    Better access to the Otsuka Station area
    The new building will provide a passage from the free north-to-south passage of Otsuka Station to the plaza in front of the south exit, allowing users to pass between the north and south ends.
    The new building will have a bicycle parking lot on the B1 level and is planned to connect to the underground bicycle parking lot that Toshima Ward is planning.
    There will be a connecting corridor to the Toden Arakawa Line.
    Eco-friendly features
    The exterior walls of the building will have low-e multi-pane glass for excellent insulation, while common areas, office areas and elsewhere will have LED lighting.
    The rooftop, areas within the premises that meet the street and other places will have green spaces.
Appearance of passage through building
Appearance of passage through building
* The rendering of the completed building is as currently planned and is subject to change.
  (2)  Floor configuration
    Shopping center (B1 level - fourth floor: approx. 6,000 m2)
      Shops will include general stores with fine foods and a wide variety of goods, and restaurants such as cafes for meeting friends or taking a break. The aim is to create a shopping center that is part of the community.
    Sports facility (fifth - sixth floors: approx. 2,600 m2)
      The sports club will make it easy for users to engage in enjoyable activities in its gym, studio, spa, golf range and other facilities.
    Childcare center (fifth floor: approx. 500 m2, including a garden of approx. 200 m2)
      The building will open a licensed childcare center (planned capacity of 60 individuals) in this highly convenient location directly connected to Otsuka Station on the Yamanote Line. The excellent childcare environment will also have a dedicated garden where children can play in safety and comfort.
    Office space (seventh - twelfth floors: approx. 7,400 m2)
      This building will be one of the few in the Ikebukuro/Otsuka area to be directly connected to a station, and its planned layout will meet the needs of a wide variety of customers by allowing each floor to be subdivided into four or five units (minimum section area: approx. 200 m2/approx. 60 tsubo). Additionally, building access management will be by Suica card and the security level will be high, enhancing office worker convenience and security.
Facility configuration
Facility configuration


Facilities overview, operating companies, schedule

  (1) Location 33-1, Minami-Otsuka 3-chome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
  (2) Construction Steel-frame construction (partial steel-reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete)
  (3) Floors and height 12 floors above ground, 1 basement floor: approx. 53 meters high
  (4) Total floor space Approx. 23,100 m2
  (5) Configuration by use Shopping center, sports facility, childcare center, offices for lease, automobile parking lot, bicycle parking lot
  (6) Design company JR East Design Corporation
JR East Consultants Company
  (7) Operating companies Shopping center: Atre Co., Ltd.
Sports facility: JR East Sports Co., Ltd.
Offices: JR East Building Co., Ltd.
  (8) Schedule Planned start of construction: November 2011
Planned opening: Autumn 2013
Facility configuration
Locator map