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Akabane Station to Undergo Renewal in Summer 2011

East Japan Railway Company

JR East Urban Development Corporation

January 19, 2011

The East Japan Railway Co., Ltd. (JR East) Group is renewing the Akabane Station as part of its Station Renaissance Program to make the stations that customers use everyday more convenient and comfortable.

Many passengers transfer between trains at Akabane Station, especially in the morning and evening hours, leading to concourse congestion. To make use of the station, including transfers, more convenient, we are working to develop a station that is both attractive and easy to understand. And to reflect changes in the environment around the station and meet the needs of the local community and people living along the rail lines, the "ekinaka" (within the ticket gate area of stations) will be renovated under the name "ecute Akabane" and the station will be developed as a place that conveys the attractiveness of the area and is comfortable for all.

1. Overview of Renewal

  New transfer concourse
  A new transfer concourse is being built inside the north ticket gate to improve transfer convenience.
  New escalators on all platforms
  New escalators are being installed to connect each platform (Saikyo Line, Shonan-Shinjuku Line, Utsunomiya/Takasaki Lines, Keihin-Tohoku Line) with the concourse inside the north ticket gate.
  An attractive and easy to understand station
  The floor and ceiling of the concourse inside the north ticket gate will be renewed and guide signs will be repositioned to make the station easier to understand.
  The "ekinaka" will be renewed and renamed "ecute Akabane."
  Along with the new transfer concourse, shops will be repositioned and renewed to make the station more convenient and comfortable.


Overview of Akabane Station Renewal
  • Location : Inside north ticket gate of JR East Akabane Station, 1-1, Akabane 1-chome, Kita-ku, Tokyo
  • Area being renewed : About 5,600 m2
  • Type of construction : Concourse renewal
Escalator installation (up and down escalators on each platform; total of eight new escalators)
Renewal of the "ekinaka" commercial facilities
  Scope of renewal
  Concourse area Pre-renewal about 2,000 m2
    Post-renewal about 2,400 m2
  Shop area Pre-renewal about 3,100 m2
    Post-renewal about 2,000 m2
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For details, please refer to the following attachment.
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2. Construction schedule

  March 2011: Phase I construction complete
    • Part of concourse renewal complete
    • "ecute Akabane" partially open
  Summer 2011: Phase II construction complete
    • Transfer concourse complete
    • Escalator installation complete
    • "ecute Akabane" fully open

3. Store management

  JR East Urban Development Corporation (Hiroshi Ōkawa, President), which operates Alucard Akabane, Seikatsu Teiankan and other businesses in the area of Akabane Station, will develop and operate ecute Akabane.
  Shops Overview
  Name of shops : ecute Akabane
  Shop area : Approx. 2,000 m2
  Number of shops : Approx. 60
  Type of shops : Sweets (confections), deli-dishes, sundries, eat-in restaurants, etc.
  Projected annual trade : Approx. 6 billion yen
  Store concept: "Kokoro (heart) Reset"
  Stores will offer lifestyle ideas to help commuters feel refreshed and enjoy their waiting time as they transfer between trains on their daily commutes.
  Environment concept: "Passage"
  The passages of the station will evoke a French country path. The "ekinaka" will be both modern and high-quality, offering a place people will look forward to stopping in for a while each day.