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Travel Service Center for Foreigners Opens with Start of New International Flight Services at Haneda Airport

East Japan Railway Company
July 29, 2010

East Japan Railway Company (JR East) will open a JR East Travel Service Center inside the Haneda Airport International Terminal Station of Tokyo Monorail Co. Ltd. on the same day Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) starts service on Runway D and in the new international flight area (October 21, 2010).
Providing services mainly to non-Japanese visitors to Japan, the center will help those arriving from overseas have a comfortable travel experience in the country.


Overview of center

  Name of center : JR East Travel Service Center
  Location : Inside Tokyo Monorail Co. Ltd. Haneda Airport International Terminal Station (second floor)
  Hours : 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM (year round)
  Languages : English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese
*Some languages may not be available some days of the week or hours.
  Management : Managed under contract by JR EAST VIEW Travel Service Co., Ltd.


Start of operation

  Thursday, October 21, 2010



  Japan Rail Pass exchange
  JR East Pass exchange and sales
  JR ticket sales
  Transportation information concerning JR lines and others



  Customers can pay in cash or use various cards.
  The above information will be announced to customers overseas through our multilingual web site starting in late September.
  JR East Travel Service Centers are also located inside Narita Airport Station and Airport Terminal 2 Station.


Attachment [PDF/168KB]
Illustration showing inside of Haneda Airport International Terminal Station
*The red dotted circle indicates the location of the JR EAST Travel Service Center
Inside of Haneda Airport International Terminal Station

Image of Center

Image of the Center