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"NorthCourt" Opens December 2010 on First Floor
inside Ticket Gates of Tokyo Station

East Japan Railway Company
Tetsudo Kaikan Co., Ltd.
June 8, 2010

East Japan Railway Company (JR East; President: Satoshi Seino) has been developing TOKYO STATION CITY at Tokyo Station with the concept "The station transforms the city and the city becomes the station." Customers have responded favorably to SouthCourt, which opened on March 28 this year. The new "NorthCourt" commercial zone will open in December 2010 at the former site of the Dila Tokyo Dining Court inside the first-floor ticket gates of Tokyo Station.


Development purpose

  The JR East Group is undertaking the TOKYO STATION CITY project to enhance the value of Tokyo Station as a whole. This will include physical improvements such as restoring the Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building, developing the GranRoof pedestrian deck, starting Phase II of Gran Tokyo North Tower and preparing the Tohoku Jukan Line. In the "ekinaka" (area inside the ticket gates) of the station, JR East has made several improvements including the opening of SouthCourt to meet the increasing diversity of consumer needs. Also, looking ahead to the start of Tohoku Shinkansen operations to Shin-Aomori on December of this year, we are updating commercial facilities in the "ekinaka" area with the aim of creating a suitable "central station" for Japan to serve as the gateway to the country’s various regions.
Following the concept of TOKYO STATION CITY, Dila Tokyo Dining Court on the first floor inside the ticket gates of Tokyo Station will be reborn as NorthCourt.


<Overview of NorthCourt>
  • Location : First floor inside the ticket gates of Tokyo Station, 1-9-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • Development area : approx. 1,200 m2
  • Shop area : approx. 1,000 m2
  • Number of shops : 16 (planned)
  • Types of shops : Restaurants and other food services, sales of bento boxed lunches and other food products, etc.
  • Expected sales : approx. 4 billion yen per year
  • Development and operation : Tetsudo Kaikan Co., Ltd.


Store management

  Store management will be provided by Tetsudo Kaikan Co., Ltd. (President: Tetsuo Nozaki), operator of the GranSta commercial facility inside the ticket gates of Tokyo Station as well as surrounding facilities Kurobei Yokocho and Kitchen Street, among others.


Store concept: "Japan’s Kitchen"

  "Japan’s Kitchen" is a place to pass on and further develop Japan’s food culture and disseminate information about this food culture from within the ticketed area of Tokyo Station, Japan’s central station. "Japan’s Kitchen" will not only introduce people to Japan’s traditional foods, it will also focus on changes from past to present to future to demonstrate Japan’s food culture over the course of time and offer ideas, including foods from non-Japanese cultures that have since become established in Japan, and foods that continue to evolve today.


Businesses under development

  There will be pleasant, comfortable restaurants serving high-quality Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisines suitable for the "ekinaka" at Tokyo Station.
  There will be shops specializing in characteristically Japanese bento boxed lunches, shops offering sweets (confections) that local workers and leisure travelers can conveniently enjoy, and others offering foods and sundry items that inspire confidence and help customers enjoy foods. Products will be available to enjoy on the spot or take along on the Shinkansen or back home.
  The location inside the ticketed area lets the shops offer satisfying foods to customers without taking their valuable time.
  The area will give customers free space to enjoy take-out products immediately or just take a break.

About Tetsudo Kaikan Co., Ltd.

Tetsudo Kaikan Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of East Japan Railway Co., Ltd. (JR East) and was established in September 1952. Through its operation of commercial facilities in and around Tokyo Station, such as "GranSta," "Kurobei Yokocho" and "Kitchen Street," and its building leasing management and operation, it is bringing the JR East Group’s "TOKYO STATION CITY" to life and enhancing the added value of Tokyo Station, a station emblematic of Japan.
Its major functions are the development and operation of commercial facilities in and around Tokyo Station. It operates five shopping center-style facilities and the "GranSta" commercial facility within the ticketed area while also engaging in real estate business and building management.

Operating company

•  Trade name : Tetsudo Kaikan Co., Ltd.
•  Established : September 1952
•  Head office : Sumitomo Seimei Yaesu Bldg. 7F, 2-1, Yaesu 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
•  President : Tetsuo Nozaki
•  Capital : ¥340 million (100% subsidiary of JR East)
Overview of stores operated