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Organizational Reform

East Japan Railway Company

April 27, 2010

East Japan Railway Co., Ltd. (JR East), in order to meet the goals of its "JR East 2020 Vision — idomu (challenge) —," will effect a reorganization on July 1 with the objectives of strengthening systems to enhance the quality of our rail service (including transportation stability), preparing systems to further advance our overseas rail business, and build systems to further advance our environmental management as strongly as possible.



Establishment of Customer Service Quality Reformation Department

    JR East established a Customer Service Department within our Railroad Business Division in July 2005 as an organization to focus on prmoting customer satisfaction with stations and rail services. However, it has become necessary to have systems in place for the general oversight of quality improvements in our rail service as a whole, and to more systematically and strongly promote further measures, etc., to prepare service infrastructure over the medium to long term and improve transportation stability. In light of these efforts, JR East is bolstering its systems for the general oversight of rail service quality including transportation stability, and is changing the name of the department to the "Customer Service Quality Reformation Department."
Along with this, we are setting up a "Customer Service Quality Reformation Office" in the General Affairs Department of each branch office.

2. Establishment of International Department

    Currently, the International Department primarily handles those international operations that relate to international cooperation, international exchange and so on, while the Management Planning Department International Railway Business Office examines and promotes overseas rail business strategy. However, at a time when the government and private sector are working together to actively promote overseas development of Japan’s rail systems, JR East’s international operations have become more diversified.
Taking account of these circumstances, JR East is consolidating the Management Planning Department International Railway Business Office with the International Department and establishing an "International Department" within the General Planning Division to set up a central system that will further advance our overseas rail business. Together with this, operations relating to international rail standards are being moved from their current location in the Technology Planning Department to the International Department.


Establishment of Management Planning Department Environmental Management Office

    An "Environmental Management Office" is being established within the Management Planning Department to strengthen systems for dealing with global environmental problems proactively over the long term. The Environmental Management Office’s initiatives will include working with all types of environmental regulations, providing employee training to raise environmental awareness of each employee, and setting environmental strategies for the group as a whole.

4. Date of Reorganization

    Thursday, July 1, 2010