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New Start for "Kinokuniya Co., Ltd."

East Japan Railway Company

Kinokuniya Co., Ltd.

April 1, 2010

Today, East Japan Railway Company (JR East) acquired 100% of the shares of Kinokuniya Co. Ltd., a company formed by the merger of two companines named Kinokuniya Co., Ltd., with Kinokuniya Food Center Co., Ltd.

Kinokuniya Co., Ltd. has furthermore decided on a new management system as of today and made a fresh start as a JR East Group company.

Since its establishment in 1910, Kinokuniya Co., Ltd. has been working to offer safe, confidence-inspiring and high–quality foods to customers, together with food culture as its basic policy. We will continue to value and enhance the Kinokuniya brand that has been fostered these many years, even as we endeavor to offer even higher-quality products and services and increase customer satisfaction.

The JR East Group company will use the strong points of each party involved, specifically Kinokuniya’s main strength in distribution (its producer networks, purchasing power and so on) and JR East’s strength in station and station–area development know–how, as verified by its stations being used by 16.8 million people a day. Together, we aim to grow further as "a trusted group creating lifestyle services" by providing even greater customer value, strengthening and refining existing business areas and taking on new business challenges.

  1. Trade name : Kinokuniya Co., Ltd.
  2. Head office : 3–11–7 Kita–Aoyama, Minato–ku, Tokyo
  3. President : Kenya Kanno
  4. Capital : ¥10 million (100% subsidiary of East Japan Railway Company)
  5. Main businesses : Sales, etc., of fresh and preserved foods, grains and alcoholic beverages
        Production and sales, etc., of pickled foods, deli dishes, tofu and other soy foods, etc.
        Production, sale, etc., of bread
  6. Employees: : 1,140 (as of April 1, 2010)