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"SouthCourt" Opens March 28, 2010 on First Floor
inside Ticket Gates of Tokyo Station

East Japan Railway Company
JR East Station Retailing Co., Ltd.
February 19, 2010

East Japan Railway Company (JR East; President Satoshi Seino) has been developing TOKYO STATION CITY at Tokyo Station with the concept "The station transforms the city and the city becomes the station." Now, the new SouthCourt commercial zone will open Sunday, March 28, 2010 on the first floor inside the ticket gates of Tokyo Station where Dila Tokyo MediaCourt previously stood. It will be operated by JR East Station Retailing Co, Ltd. (President Koichi Egoshi), operator of ecute and other businesses in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

1. Development purpose

The JR East Group is undertaking the TOKYO STATION CITY project to enhance the value of Tokyo Station as a whole. In addition, we have decided to update the "ekinaka" (inside the ticketed area) commercial facilities to respond to physical changes such as the restoration of Tokyo Station’s Marunouchi Station Building and preparation of a line traversing the Tohoku region, as well as more abstract changes like increasingly diversified consumption patterns.
Following the concept of TOKYO STATION CITY, Dila Tokyo MediaCourt on the first floor inside the ticket gates of Tokyo Station will be reborn as SouthCourt.

<Overview of SouthCourt>
• Location : First floor inside the ticket gates of Tokyo Station, 1-9-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
• Development area : approx. 1,700 m2
• Shop area : approx. 1,300 m2
• Number of shops : 31
• Types of shops : Sweets (confections), deli dishes, bakeries, cafés, eat-in restaurants, etc.
• Expected sales : approx. 4 billion yen per year
• Development and operation : JR East Station Retailing Co., Ltd.


2. Shops overview

Shops inside SouthCourt will be operated by JR East Station Retailing, which handles "ekinaka" (inside the ticketed area) commercial facilities in Omiya Station, Shinagawa Station and others.

(1) Store concept: "Nippon Re–STANDARD"
  The shops will offer high quality world class products from Japan for today’s lifestyles. Made by producers and craftsmen, these goods and merchandise will embody the cultures and techniques developed in different parts of Japan. The shops offering them will also give customers ideas on new ways to use and enjoy these products.
(2) Design concept: "Ennichi (festival day)"
  The area being developed is meant to connect users of Tokyo Station to the various parts of Japan; this place of connection will serve much as a traditional festival day. The area was designed to be simple but also leave an impression, with a style that incorporates the bustling, inviting, surprising and changing social scene of a festival day and specifically uses lighting that imparts strong continuous straight lines and a feel of rhythm.
(3) Business sectors to be developed
  Situated in Tokyo, a hub of information, SouthCourt aims to provide customers with a choice selection of snack foods from all over Japan. The area will carry a large assortment of rare items from Western–style confections strictly using domestic ingredients and Japanese–style confections arranged for easy consumption, all of which can proudly be sent from Tokyo to destinations throughout Japan and the world.
  Deli dishes
  The highly varied lineup will include deli dishes created from vegetables grown with as little chemical input as possible and menu selections with ingredients from around Japan for daily use and special occasions such as while traveling by train.
  Shops will support Japanese technologies and craftsmanship by introducing excellent general goods from Japan, including sundries made with techniques from regional cultures and design-intensive bags from a wholesaler with a history going back centuries.