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Issuance of the 59th and 60th Unsecured Bonds

East Japan Railway Company

July 14, 2009

  • East Japan Railway Company (the “Company”) announced today that it has filed the Shelf Registration Supplements with the Kanto Local Financial Bureau for the planned issuance of 59th and 60th unsecured bonds.
  • The amounts of the issues are as follows: 5-year bonds, ¥30,000 million, and 10-year bonds, ¥20,000 million.
  • Net proceeds of the issue of the bonds will be used for the repayment of long-term debt.

1. Name of bonds

    East Japan Railway Company 59th Unsecured bonds
(with Inter-Bond Pari Passu Clause)
East Japan Railway Company 60th Unsecured bonds
(with Inter-Bond Pari Passu Clause)

2. Subscription

  Public offering

3. Issue size

  59th issue: ¥30,000 million
60th issue: ¥20,000 million

4. Issue price

  59th issue: ¥100 per ¥100
60th issue: ¥100 per ¥100

5. Coupon

  59th issue: 0.808% per annum
60th issue: 1.449% per annum

6. Yield on the bonds

  59th issue: 0.808% per annum (simple interest)
60th issue: 1.449per annum (simple interest)

7. Maturity date

  59th issue: July 24, 2014
60th issue: July 24, 2019

8. Issue schedule

  Announcement date: July 14, 2009
Offering period: July 14, 2009
Payment date: July 24, 2009

9. Lead managing underwriter

  Daiwa Securities SMBC Co. Ltd.
Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.