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Notification of Administrative Penalty Policy from Hokuriku Regional Development Bureau Regarding Shinanogawa Power Plant

East Japan Railway Company

February 13, 2009

Today, JR East was notified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Hokuriku Regional Development Bureau that it would receive an administrative penalty in line with the River Act. This will be applied because the Shinanogawa power station took more than the maximum allowed quantity of water, released less than the minimum quantity of water, falsely displayed and recorded the intake water quantity and reported no irregularities after receiving a self-inspection instruction from the Hokuriku Regional Development Bureau in 2007.

JR East takes this situation very seriously.
We sincerely apologize to local residents and everyone else involved in this case. We will take all necessary measures to ensure that this kind of misconduct does not reoccur in the future, and all our employees will work together to regain public trust and maintain a safe and stable transportation system.