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— Total number of cards sold exceeds 30,000,000!

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Kanto IC Farecard Compatibility Committee
PASMO Committee
East Japan Railway Company

January 23, 2008

The total number of PASMO and Suica IC cards, which enable users to seamlessly move within the areas of operation of transportation companies in the Tokyo metropolitan area, surpassed 30,000,000 on January 18 (Friday). We are grateful to our customers for their patronage.

The Tokyo metropolitan area IC Farecard Compatibility Service for PASMO and Suica was started on 18 March 2007. Three days after the start of this service, the number of cards sold had exceeded 20,000,000, and on the 307th day, the number of IC cards for transportation systems reached a maximum of 30,000,000 cards for the first time in Japan. We will continue to make all efforts to enhance the usability of and services available in a single card (either PASMO or Suica) in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

The breakdown of sales and the sales history of the PASMO and Suica cards are provided below.

  1. No. of cards sold: Total 30,010,000 (as of 18 January)
    Breakdown  PASMO  : 6,740,000 cards
      Suica  : 2,3270,000 cards

    The number of cards sold is obtained by subtracting the number of cards recalled because of reimbursement or re-issuance from the total number of cards sold (cards in circulation).

  2. Card sales history
    Card sales history