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Comprehensive Alliance Between JR East and ANA
~Wide-Ranging Tie-up Between Rail (JR East) and Air (ANA)~
~Effort to Increase Passenger Convenience by Providing Seamless Transitions Between Land and Air~


East Japan Railway Company
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd

December 6, 2007

East Japan Railway Company (JR East; head office in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Satoshi Seino) and All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA; head office in Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Mineo Yamamoto) have agreed to a comprehensive tie-up in sales.

This comprehensive alliance combines and advances not just the two companies' products and services, but their accumulated know-how as well. The purpose of the tie-up is, therefore, to provide the customers of both companies with seamless and highly convenient services on land (railway) and in the air (aviation).

JR East is Japan's largest railway company and ANA is the country's largest domestic airline. The scope of their alliance will extend very broadly from situations involving the use of rail and air for business and travel to a multitude of situations arising in everyday living.

Overview of the tie-up

  1. Mileage and points tie-up
    ANA Mileage Club miles will be exchangeable for JR East Suica Points.

  2. Credit card tie-up
    An "ANA Suica Card" (provisional name) will be issued that integrates both companies' credit cards.
  3. Web tie-up
    (1)  EkiNet services for consumers and ANA Sky Web services will be linked.
    (2)  Business EkiNet services for corporations and ANA@desk services will be linked.
  4. Travel club membership tie-up
    Sales of travel products to "Otona no Kyujitsu" (Holiday for Seniors) Club members and "Tabidachi" members will be linked.

Both companies are committed to pursuing greater convenience for their customers, and intend to create new standards for service.

<<Overview of the Tie-up>>

1. Mileage and points tie-up (from February 2008)

In a service for members both of the ANA Mileage Club and the Suica Point Club, ANA miles will be made exchangeable for Suica Points. The Suica Point Club is a Point Service for Mobile Suica members and holders of View Suica cards (affiliation credit cards).

Conceptual view of point exchange

2. Credit card tie-up (membership drive scheduled to begin in autumn 2008)

A new "ANA Suica Card" (provisional name) that integrates the functions of ANA credit cards and View cards and carries SKiP and Suica functionality will be issued. (*1)

Holders of this card will be able to use it for everything from Suica train, monorail, bus, and other such services to the SKiP service (*2) for boarding ANA flights. Cardholders will enjoy the possibilities of seamless mobility with a single card combined with the convenience of electronic money and credit shopping services.

*1  The card cannot be used as electronic money.

SKiP service enables passengers who have completed their reservation, payment, and seat assignment in advance to board their flights with ease and without the bother of getting tickets or checking in at the airport. This service will be available at all airports in Japan within the year.

Conceptual view of the combined card in use

3. Web tie-up (beginning in autumn 2008)

(1) For consumers
Registered users of the JR East "EkiNet" Web site and ANA "Sky Web" Web site will be able to follow links from one site to the other with ease. JR East customers will be able to move seamlessly from EkiNet to the ANA site to reserve ANA flights and purchase tickets, while ANA Sky Web users will likewise be able to make JR reservations and purchase train tickets.

(2) For corporations
The Business EkiNet (*3) and ANA@desk (*4) services for corporations will be linked together to enable members of either service to move with ease back and forth between the two Web sites. When corporations have registered for both services, ANA@desk corporate members will be able to reserve JR tickets from Business EkiNet, while Business EkiNet corporate members will be able to reserve ANA flights from ANA@desk. Members of each will be able to use the other service seamlessly.

*3  Business EkiNet is a ticket delivery system for corporations that is operated by JR East. It allows registered corporate users to apply for JR tickets over the Internet, receive the tickets at their offices or at a JR station, and be sent a combined invoice for payment later.

ANA@desk is a ticket delivery system for corporations that is operated by ANA. It allows registered corporate users to make on-line reservations over the Internet, receive ticketless service, and be billed by combined invoice.

Conceptual view of Web tie-up

4. Travel club membership tie-up (starting with products for March 2008 departures)

Sales of travel products to "Otona no Kyujitsu" (Holiday for Seniors) Club (a JR East travel club) members and "Tabidachi" (an ANA travel club) members will be linked. Highly attractive joint products for members of both clubs will be created and marketed to both.

In addition, products utilizing ANA will be marketed to Otona no Kyujitsu Club members, and products utilizing JR East will be marketed to Tabidachi club members. The features of each company's products will complement the other's in a synergy intended to expand demand.

Conceptual image of travel club tie-up
Comparison of travel club members in the two companies

<<Reference Information on JR East and ANA>>

■ JR East

•  Corporate name  :  East Japan Railway Company
•  Representative  :  President & CEO Satoshi Seino
•  Established  :  April 1, 1987
•  Capital  :  200 billion yen
•  Number of employees  :  63,140 (as of April 1, 2007)
•  Main business areas  :  (1)Passenger railway business
     :  (2)Rail freight business
     :  (3)Passenger vehicle transport business
•  Number of rail sections and trains  :  70 rail sections with 12,671 trains per day (as of March 18, 2007)
•  Network size  :  7,526.8 km


•  Corporate name  :  All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.
•  Representative  :  President & CEO Mineo Yamamoto
•  Established  :  December 27, 1952
•  Capital  :  160 billion yen
•  Number of employees  :  13,494 (as of April 1, 2007)
•  Main business areas  :  (1)Scheduled air transportation business
     :  (2)Nonscheduled air transportation business
     :  (3)Business utilizing aircraft
•  Number of domestic flights  :  129 routes, 866 flights per day
•  Number of international flights  :  51 routes, 646 flights per week (as of March 31, 2007)