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Changes to the Operational Structure for Hotels in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area

East Japan Railway Company

February 26, 2007

The JR East Group has taken measures to streamline and optimize group management through autonomy, collaborative effort and by focusing resources in certain business areas. Such initiatives have enhanced the all-around strength and competitiveness of the group.

As part of such efforts, on April 1, 2007, we will be changing the business structure of the group company managing hotel operations in the Tokyo metropolitan area, with the aim of further enhancing market competitiveness.

Overview of changes

The company managing hotel operations in the Tokyo metropolitan region and its four wholly owned operating subsidiaries will be merged into one company.

Date of merger

April 1, 2007

Structure prior to the merger

Management company

•  Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd. Management of 13 hotels in the Tokyo metropolitan area
  * This company is a wholly owned subsidiary of East Japan Railway (JR East).

Operating companies (four in total)

•  Hotel Metropolitan Co., Ltd. Operates Hotel Metropolitan
•  Hotel Edmont Co., Ltd. Operates Hotel Metropolitan Edmont
•  Tokyo Station Hotel Co., Ltd. Operates Tokyo Station Hotel
•  Hotel Mets & Restaurants, Inc. Operates all 11 Hotel Mets in the Tokyo metropolitan area
  * All four of these companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd.
Structure following the merger

Hotel Metropolitan Co., Ltd., Hotel Edmont Co., Ltd., Tokyo Station Hotel Co., Ltd. and Hotel Mets & Restaurants, Inc. will be merged into Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd.

  * (The respective names of all hotels will remain the same.)

Overview of the company following the merger

Company name Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd.
President Hiroshi Okawa
Address 1-6-1 Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Capital 4 billion yen
Ownership East Japan Railway Company (100%)
Revenue in FY2005 23.263 billion yen
Hotels operated Hotel Metropolitan (815 rooms)
Hotel Metropolitan Edmont (665 rooms)
Tokyo Station Hotel (58 rooms)
(Temporarily closed from March 31, 2006)
Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi (343 rooms)
(Due to open on May 24, 2007)
Hotel Mets Shibuya (191 rooms)
Hotel Mets Mejiro (95 rooms)
Hotel Mets Musashisakai (92 rooms)
Hotel Mets Kokubunji (74 rooms)
Hotel Mets Kumegawa (47 rooms)
Hotel Mets Akabane (120 rooms)
Hotel Mets Urawa (62 rooms)
Hotel Mets Kawasaki (151 rooms)
Hotel Mets Mizonokuchi (100 rooms)
Hotel Mets Kamakura Ofuna (117 rooms)
Hotel Mets Tsudanuma (81 rooms)
Hotel Mets Koenji (110 rooms)
(Due to open on March 6, 2007)