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Overview of Plan for Construction Phase II of Tokyo Station Yaesu Development Project

East Japan Railway Company

September 29, 2006

East Japan Railway Company (JR East) is redeveloping the Yaesu side of Tokyo station in a joint development project with several other companies (see note 1). Construction is currently in progress with the aim of completing Phase I (GranTokyo North Tower Phase I and GranTokyo South Tower) by October 2007. The landscape of the Yaesu side of Tokyo station will change dramatically upon completion of the twin towers as part of the project.
Following completion of Phase I, JR East will proceed with Phase II of construction (GranTokyo North Tower Phase II and the central wing, including GranRoof) and development of Yaesu-side station plaza. We will forge ahead with construction toward the grand opening. Our aim is to create a symbolic urban landscape that is befitting of Tokyo, the nation's capital, and at the same time turn the Yaesu side of Tokyo station into a gateway representing the future of Tokyo Station City. It gives us great pleasure to announce further details about the project.

Note 1:  Mitsui Fudosan Co. Ltd., Kajima Yaesu Development Corporation, Kokusai Kanko Kaikan Co. Ltd. and Nippon Oil Corporation

Overview of Plan for Construction Phase II

(1)  Details of the plan
  • Construction of GranTokyo North Tower Phase II (extension of department store)
  • Construction of the central wing, including GranRoof
  We will also redevelop Yaesu-side station plaza.

Scale and other details of the buildings to be constructed (data within the bold lines is for work to be undertaken during Phase II)

GranTokyo South Tower
Central wing, including GranRoof
GranTokyo North Tower
Main uses
Station facilities, shops and pedestrian deck
Phase II
Phase I
Department store
Offices, department store
Number of floors
42 above-ground
4 underground
4 above-ground
3 underground
13 above-ground
(see note 2)
3 underground
43 above-ground
4 underground
Total floor area
Approx. 140,000 m2
Approx. 212,000 m2
Lease space
Approx. 75,000 m2
Approx. 63,000 m2
Approx. 800 m2
Approx. 2,000 m2
Approx. 13,800 m2
Approx. 50,000 m2
Car parking spaces
Approx. 250
Approx. 50
Approx. 160
Approx. 60
Note 2:   This figure includes a mezzanine (intermediate floor between main floors).
  • Redevelopment of Yaesu-side station plaza (approx. 10,700 m2)
    Bus stands (11 spaces), taxi stand (6 spaces) and waiting area for taxis (50 spaces)
(3)  Schedule
  1. Scheduled start of construction

    Phase II construction is scheduled to begin in the second half of fiscal 2008, following the completion of Phase I and subsequent dismantling of the Tetsudo Kaikan building (in which Daimaru is currently located).
    Work to develop Yaesu-side station plaza will be started thereafter.
    We apologize to passengers using the Yaesu side of Tokyo station for any inconvenience caused during construction work. Please rest assured that we will take every conceivable precaution to ensure the safety of all concerned while work is being carried out.

  2. Scheduled completion of construction
    (Phase II of Construction)
    • The lower floors of the North Tower (department store) are scheduled to open in summer 2012.
    • The central wing, including GranRoof, is scheduled to open in the spring of 2013
    Note:   Yaesu-side station plaza is due to be completed in fiscal 2013.

    We had scheduled to finish construction work for Phase II in spring 2011. However, it was necessary to amend this schedule since the design and construction plan that was chosen pays even greater attention to safety and minimizing environmental damage. The details are as follows.

    (1)  Work will be carried out while ensuring the safety of pedestrians and motorists using the narrow space between Yaesu-side station plaza and Tokyo station.
    (2)  An even greater priority will be placed on safety during the work, since it is a large scale construction project (dismantling of the Tetsudo Kaikan and Phase II construction work) being undertaken adjacent to a railway.
    (3)  Minimizing environmental damage will be the focus of our attention during dismantling of the Tetsudo Kaikan. We will take all possible measures to properly dispose of asbestos and other dust.