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Hiring Plans for FY2006

East Japan Railway Company

February 14, 2005

The hiring plans of East Japan Railway Company (JR East) for FY2006 are as follows.
The extent of hiring will match the level of FY2005, at around 1,400 new employees.

1. Hiring Plan

•  Career-track positions  
· Career-track railway positions: Approx.170
· Career-track lifestyle-service positions: Approx. 30
•  Railway business positions  
· Positions for new graduates Approx. 970
· Positions for others in the working population Approx. 230

Approx. 1,400

2. Type of Work

(1) Career-track positions for college graduates
JR East hires separately for the railway business and the lifestyle-service business.
Applicants who are hired will be employed in a variety of positions in their business, and may in some cases be transferred to the other business later.
(2) Railway business positions
1. Positions for new graduates (high school, vocational school, junior college, or university graduates)
After being hired, new employees are assigned to different stations or offices as station staff or maintenance workers. Following this, some of these employees, mainly those assigned to stations, will be trained as drivers and train crew members.
2. Positions for other workers (high school, vocational school, junior college, or university graduates)
Ongoing hiring at JR East ensures a diverse workforce for a vibrant workplace. The positions are primarily for station staff and maintenance workers. JR East will publish the qualifications in the fall of this year.