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Ten Million Suica Cards Issued!

East Japan Railway Company

October 27, 2004

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The IC card "Suica", launched on November 18, 2001, passed the 10 million mark for cards issued on October 26, 2004, reflecting the great popularity of the card among riders.
East Japan Railway Company (JR East) will continue to offer more services to increase Suica convenience and ease of use.
Customers can look forward to seeing more of Suica's potential.

[Suica Milestones]

2001 November IC ticket gates accepting Suica are introduced in the Tokyo Area.
2002 April Tokyo Monorail begins using Suica cards, which are interchangeable with JR East Suica.
2002 December Tokyo Waterfront Railway (Rinkai Line) begins using Suica cards, which are interchangeable with JR East and Tokyo Monorail Suica.
2003 July Beginning of View Suica Card, combining credit and Suica functions.
2003 October Suica commuter passes become available for Shinkansen commuters between Tokyo and Utsunomiya or Takasaki.
2004 March Suica shopping service (electronic money) begins. Station retail shops begin accepting Suica.
Building access control system installed at JR Shinagawa East Building. Suica can be used as an access card.
2004 August Suica becomes interchangeable with the West Japan Railway Company (JR West) ICOCA card.
2004 September Suica shopping service (electronic money) expands to shops throughout the city ("Machinaka"). FamilyMart, and others begin accepting the card.
2004 October JR East expands service availability area in the Tokyo area.
"Green Car Suica System" is introduced for local-train green car tickets on the Shonan-Shinjuku Line, Utsunomiya Line and Takasaki Line.

[New services on the way]

*Years shown in parentheses are the expected start of service
•  Issuance of JAL Card Suica (FY2004)
•  Issuance of View Suica ShinGinko Tokyo Card (FY2005)
•  Suica service in Niigata area (FY2005)
•  "Mobile Suica" service, bringing Suica service to mobile phones (second half of FY2005)
•  Suica interchangeable use with "PiTaPa" issued by Surutto KANSAI (FY2005 or after)
•  Suica interchangeable use with new IC card issued by Passnet Bus IC Card Co., Ltd. (FY2006)

Suica Data

1 The road to 10 million cards
1 The road to 10 million cards
2 Number of stations and retail shops offering Suica service

(as of October 27, 2004)

•  Tokyo metropolitan area
511 stations
•  Tokyo Monorail  
9 stations
•  Rinkai Line  
7 stations
•  Sendai area  
66 stations
•  Kinki area  
254 stations
Total: 847 stations
•  NEWDAYS   312 shops  
•  FamilyMart   26 shops  
•  Other   315 shops Total: 653 shops