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"ecute"; We've Picked this as a Nickname for the New Spaces for Ticketed Passengers ("Ekinaka") at Omiya and Tachikawa Stations
 — — Also establishing new station-based businesses at Shinagawa — —

East Japan Railway Company

May 11, 2004

"ecute" is the nickname that we have picked for the spaces for ticketed passengers ("Ekinaka") at Omiya and Tachikawa Station. We are currently renovating the spaces as part of our "Station Renaissance" Program, which aims to redesign railway stations for the 21st century. We have also begun remodeling Shinagawa Station in order to set up new station businesses. As at Omiya and Tachikawa, these businesses will be managed by JR East Station Retailing Co., Ltd. and will be known as "ecute."

  • In February 2004, we held a contest to name the new-style ticketed area, and "ecute" was the winner. In Japanese, the name connotes a ticketed area built on a single theme, a place filled with fun containing fresh, new retail spaces, unique products, convenient services, and an abundance of information.
  • We have begun remodeling Shinagawa Station to make it a more full-service station and to allow the development of new businesses, which are expected to open in autumn 2005.
  • In addition to building concourses and lavatories in new spaces above the tracks, we will also build new commercial facilities incorporated into the station. Also rebuilding the existing wall of the concourses and ceilings, we will install more pay toilets and turn the stations into spaces that enhance the convenience and comfort of the passengers.
  • The commercial space will be developed and managed by JR East Station Retailing Co., Ltd.. We will provide a new upgraded station atmosphere where passengers who pass through every day can spend an enjoyable time.

The Naming Contest

  • Rules for entry, comments
    Period  :  Nineteen days, from February 2 through February 20, 2004
    Comments  :  We received 6,847 entries by official postcards and on the web sites of JR East and the station building portal site "Ekipara". We made our decision based on which nickname most of the customers who use our stations would find easy to remember and fun to use.
  • The Nickname and Its Meaning
    Nickname  :  "ecute" : (pronounced "eh-kyoot")
    Meaning  :  The name is a combination of five words: E is Eki (station), C is Center, U is Universal, T is Together, and E is for Enjoy. It thus creates an image of the station transformed into a place where people gather to enjoy themselves. Pronounced in Japanese, the nickname also connotes a place full of enjoyable things.
  • Prize Winner and Prize

    The winner of the Grand Prize was Ms. Michiko Serizawa, a resident of Kanagawa Prefecture. She won a View Gift Certificat worth ¥100,000 and a trip for two to Hokkaido on the luxury sleeping car express Cassiopeia.
    In addition, 50 persons were chosen by a random drawing from all entries to receive View Gift Certificates worth ¥3,000.

Remodeling Begun at Shinagawa Station

  1. Current location : 3-26-27 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo (inside JR East Shinagawa Station):
  2. Scale : About 5,300 square meters (including existing area to be remodeled)
  3. Opening Schedule: : Autumn 2005
  4. Renovation of station facilities
    • A three-story building will be constructed on an artificial base in order to create an attractive commercial space and optimize the station's facilities. Natural light will stream in from the top, enhancing a new, high-quality commercial space integrated with the station.
    • The walls of concourses and ceilings of the existing station building will be rebuilt to create a bright, airy space. In addition to installing more pay toilets, we will build one lavatory in the newly-built area to provide our customers with more convenience and comfort.
  5. Commercial Space
    • Managed by JR East Station Retailing Co., Ltd.
    • Outline of Development:
      We will provide a more convenient and comfortable station experience with an environmental design, shops, and products that exemplify Shinagawa, an area that combines the energy of an urban landscape dominated by skyscrapers with the traditions and culture of the Edo period.
    • Projected sales: Approximately ¥3.5 billion per year
    • Types of businesses expected: Deli, confectionary, variety shops, eating and drinking establishments, services, etc.
    See Attachment 1. [PDF/632KB]
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  • Average number of passengers per day (JR East): 264,815
  • Number of train service (JR East): 1,906 (weekdays)
  • Lines serving the station and connections:
    Direct service on four JR lines: Tokaido Line, Yokosuka Line, Keihin Tohoku Line, Yamanote Line, with connections to the Tokaido Shinkansen and the Keihin Kyuko Line.
  • History:
    May 7, 1872 : Shinagawa Station inaugurated
    October 31, 1998  : East-West Transfer Passageway Completed
    October 1, 2003 : Tokaido Shinkansen station inaugurated
    March 3, 2004 : JR Shinagawa East Building inaugurated