N´EX provides direct access between Narita Airport and major urban stations such as Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Yokohama.


N´EX is a limited express train with all reserved seating. Both a fare ticket and a limited express ticket are required for boarding. Tickets may be purchased at Narita Airport station, JR Ticket Offices (Midori-no-madoguchi), Travel Service Centers (View Plaza) and reserved seat ticket machines.

Fares and charges from/to Narita Airport Terminal 1 and 2

To Ordinary Cars Green Cars (first class)
Narita Airport Terminal 1
Narita Airport Terminal 2
Tokyo 3,020 yen 4,560 yen
3,190 yen 4,730 yen
Omiya 3,840 yen 5,380 yen
Yokohama 4,290 yen 5,830 yen
Ofuna 4,620 yen 6,160 yen
  • If all the seats on a train are reserved, limited express tickets for standing may be purchased at a rate 520 yen less than reserved seat tickets.
  • Reserved seat tickets are 200 yen lower during the off-season and 200 yen higher during the busy season.
  • The discount for children ages 6 to 11 is approximately 50% of the adult fare for basic fare tickets.
  • There is no children's discount for Green Car tickets.
  • Babies (up to 12 months) and infants (1 to 5) generally travel free, though a child's ticket is needed in the following cases:
    • When three or more infants accompany one adult or a child, child's tickets are needed for the third and subsequent infants.
    • When an infant or a baby occupies its own reserved seat or berth.
    • When an infant travels alone.

The conditions shown are subject to change.

▼Sales of the N'EX TOKYO Direct Ticket (One-way) currently on sale for use from Narita Airport Terminals 1 and 2 to major stations in the Tokyo metropolitan area end on Friday, March 13, 2015.

N'EX TOKYO Direct Ticket  (One-way)

▼Sales of the N'EX TOKYO Round Trip Ticket, valid for round-trip travel on ordinary car reserved seats on the Narita Express between Narita Airport Terminals 1 and 2 and major stations in the Tokyo metropolitan area will begin on Saturday, March 14, 2015.

N'EX TOKYO Round Trip Ticket

Purchasing tickets

Limited express tickets for the N'EX go on sale in Japan one month in advance. Tickets may be purchased at Narita Airport station, JR Ticket Offices (Midori-no-madoguchi), Travel Service Centers (View Plaza) and reserved seat ticket machines.
Reservations can be made from overseas through JR-EAST Train Reservation, though conditions apply for prior day purchases.
When traveling from Narita Airport, it is recommended that travelers purchase their N'EX tickets after arriving.

To make a N'EX reservation bound for Narita Airport over the Internet, click here.
Note that conditions apply to prior day purchases. Fare tickets must be purchased in Japan.

JAPAN RAIL PASS or JR EAST PASS holders can make seat reservations without additional payment, click here for more information.

JR EAST Travel Service Center
JR EAST Travel Service CenterConveniently located at Narita Airport Terminal 1 and 2, the JR EAST Travel Service Centers provide information on tickets and accommodations to make your stay in Japan a pleasant one.
Click here for more details >>
JR Ticket Office (Midori-no-madoguchi)
Midori-no-madoguchiBasic fare tickets, limited express tickets and reserved Green Car tickets may purchased at JR Ticket Offices (Midori-no-Madoguchi) for all Shinkansen lines and limited-express trains throughout Japan including N'EX.
Major Station Maps >>
Travel Service Center (View Plaza)
View Plaza Travel Service CenterVisit the Travel Service Centers to purchase tickets for various events in addition to tickets for JR train lines, domestic flights and other travel. Note that there are no Travel Service Centers (View Plaza) located in Narita Airport.
Major Station Maps >>

As of April 2014.