N'EX provides direct access between Narita Airport and major urban stations such as Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Yokohama.

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July 1, 2010 – All N'EX trains will operate with new cars. N'EX is the best choice for access to Tokyo from Narita Airport.

The Narita Express or N'EX is fast, convenient and pleasant to ride, directly connecting Narita International Airport with major urban areas in and around Tokyo including Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Yokohama. With the convenience of N'EX, there are no more stressful transfers.

  • The N'EX takes you from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station in only 53 minutes.
  • Trains run to Tokyo Station, Shinjuku and Yokohama every 30 minutes during most of the day.
  • All N'EX seats require prior reservation, so you can be sure of sitting.
  • There is no concern about traffic congestion because the N'EX runs on high-speed rail.

N'EX is the best choice for access to Tokyo.
With ample on-board facilities, we promise to make your traveling time pleasant.

Series E259(New)Green Cars (first class)


The Narita Express operates from early morning till late at night. There is no waiting for trains. See the time schedules for trains traveling to and from Narita Airport.

Further details

N'EX TOKYO Direct Ticket(One-way)

The N'EX TOKYO Direct Ticket (One-way) is a great way to save on Ordinary Car reserved seating on the Narita Express when traveling from Narita Airport Terminal 1 or 2 to major stations in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Station Maps

Station maps provide layouts of major stations in the Tokyo area where the Narita Express stops.

N'EX TOKYO Direct Ticket  (One-way)

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