Service interval: Nagano to Tokamachi Stations

  • Oykot
  • Oykot

Along the Iiyama Line flows the Chikuma-gawa River (Shinano-gawa River), and along the river lie village woods, fields and country homes.

This train was created around this concept of rustic Japan and bringing people to home villages, where the true heart of the Japanese people resides. Gazing at the rice paddies fading into the distance, passengers feel a sense of calm and healing. To help bring home the image of the home village, with its scenic rice paddies, rivers and mountains, this train was named Oykot, which is "Tokyo" spelled backwards. In Japanese, the name is written in hiragana as "Oikotto" (おいこっと).

Oykot pamphlet [PDF/2.8MB]

Go inside with Google Street View

Go inside with Google Street View

Car interior

The relaxing interior is designed in the style of an old-style rural home to bring back childhood memories of visiting grandma during summer vacation.

the relaxing interior

The train has Oykot Attendants available to make sightseeing announcements, provide information, take commemorative photos and sell goods.

Oykot Attendants

Those who join us on this Iiyama Line sightseeing train will receive a mini-pack of pickled nozawana. In the Shinshu area, eating pickles in ochazuke (rice with tea) is a custom, and passengers will hopefully have that feeling of returning to grandma's house in the countryside.

When the train is stopped at Iiyama Station, local goods are made available for sale, and locals may also have treats on board (during the outbound trip only).

a mini-pack of pickled nozawana


  • If there is no attendant on duty, on-board sales are not available.
  • Refreshments are subject to change or cancellation without notice.

Car layout

  • Iiyama
  • Nagano
  • Car no.2 38 passengers (Chikuma-gawa River side)
  • Car no.1 38 passengers (Chikuma-gawa River side)
  • Car no.2 38 passengers (Chikuma-gawa River side)
  • Car no.1 38 passengers (Chikuma-gawa River side)

Regular stops

Regular stops

Operating schedule

How to purchase

Tickets for the Oykot are not available for sale outside of Japan. There are multiple ways to purchase tickets as follows.

Purchase a pass that is for foreign visitors to Japan and covers the travel area. Recommended passes when visiting Japan
Available for sale at JR EAST Travel Service Centers and your local JR Ticket Office (Midori-no-madoguchi).

Note: Not all services are available on certain trains when boarding with a pass or a ticket.