The hiking event has finished. We look forward to serving you again.

Ekikara Hiking English map included! Participation is free of charge! Hiking held on Saturday, March 17, 2012 The hike will take you to the monkeys’ hot spring and to Yudanaka Shibu Onsen-kyo (Yudanaka Shibu Hot Spring Village).
On this hiking course you can enjoy the heart-warming sight of monkeys bathing in a hot spring, as well as soak up the atmosphere of a hot spring resort.

Information for First Time Participants

Ekikara Hiking (Hiking from the Station) events are one-day events starting from stations throughout the eastern Japan area that anyone can participate in easily. They consist of hiking while experiencing the historical buildings and abundant nature of the areas around the stations. Participation is free of charge. Participation in the Ekikara Hiking event is very simple! All you need to do is apply through this website and then go to the reception counter at the hiking spot on the day of the event!
Organization of the Event
Application through this website The Day of the Event (Reception counter at the hiking spot) Collect your map at the reception counter Setting off on your hike!
It is also possible to join the hike on the day of the event but a prior application is more convenient!   English-speaking staff is available to help you!   English maps are also available.
A wonderful free gift is included!
Customers who make a reservation through the Internet will receive another wonderful free gift as well!
  There are no time limits, etc.
Please enjoy the hiking in your own way!

Overview of the Hiking

Please come to the reception counter on the day of the hike, where you will be given your Ekikara Hiking map (in English).
Advance reservations can be made over the Internet but participants are also welcome to just turn up on the day.

Date Saturday, March 17, 2012 All participants will receive gifts!
Original Can Badge
Original Can Badge
Hiking Map
(English Translation)
Application Time 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Nearest Station Nagano Dentetsu Yudanaka Station

Recommended trains to Yudanaka Station

Reception Area Nagaden Bus Next to Kanbayashi Onsenguchi bus stop
Walking Time Approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes (excluding time looking round the sites)
Walking Distance Approx. 10 km
Tour Fee Free of charge
Lunch Feel free to bring your own lunch.
Guide This is not a guided tour. You can walk around there freely with a map.
Points to Note:
  • You will be walking for about 2 hours and 30 minutes so please wear sturdy clothes and shoes, etc. on the hike.
  • The event will still take place even if it is raining on the day. In the event of rain please bring your rain gear with you.
  • Please take all of your trash home with you. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Entrance fees are charged at the following sites on the hiking course: Jigokudani Yaen-Koen (Adults 500 yen) and Kaede no Yu Hot Spring (Adults 300 yen).

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Hiking Course

JR Nagano Station, Walk, Nagano Dentetsu Nagano Station, Train

The final stop on the Nagano Shinkansen Line in the city of Nagano, the capital of Nagano Prefecture.
It used to be famous for its temple-like station building, but was reconstructed in a modern elevated design when the shinkansen line was opened.
Nagano Station is a starting point for trips to Zenkoji Temple and Tokagushi Shrine, as well as to Shiga Kogen (Shiga Highland), Nozawa Onsen and the Northern Alps.

Kanbayashi Onsenguchi Bus Stop, Walk, Recommended
Jigokudani Yaen-Koen, Walk
Snow Monkeys

The sight of wild snow monkeys taking a hot spring bath is very famous. Foreign mass media often show videos of Jigokudani Onsen, and the snow monkeys have been featured in publications such as TIME magazine.

Onsenji Temple, Walk
Onsenji Temple

A temple connected with the Sengoku Era warrior Takeda Shingen.

Large statue of Kannon dedicated to world peace, Walk, GOAL!

25 meters high. The tallest bronze-finished statue in the East, it casts its gentle gaze across the town.

Nagano Dentetsu Yudanaka Station, Walk
Kaede no Yu Hot Spring, Walk
Kaede no Yu Hot Spring

Refresh yourself in a hot spring after your hike! These hot spring baths (entrance fee charged) are next to Yudanaka Station. There is a free foot bath outside the facilities.

Nagano Dentetsu Yudanaka Station

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Recommended Trains

  Nagano Shinkansen Asama 505 Nagano Shinkansen Asama 509
Tokyo dep. 7:24 8:36
Nagano arr. 8:49 10:18

Nagano Shinkansen timetables

Nagano Dentetsu Nagano Station dep. 9:06 10:46
Nagano Dentetsu Yudanaka Station arr. 9:51 11:31

Nagano Dentetsu Yudanaka Station dep. 10:00 11:40
Kanbayashi Onsenguchi bus stop (Reception area) arr. Around 10:07 Around 11:47
Recommended passes


For unlimited travel on JR East Shinkansen and limited express trains, make sure you have your JR East Pass.

  • JR East Passes can be purchased and exchanged at Narita and Haneda Airports.
  • Advance purchases can be made online as well.


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