Ekikara Hiking English map included! Participation is free of charge! Hiking held on Saturday, February 25, 2012 Below the spectacular Nikko Mountain Range: Cedar Avenue Hiking centered on the new season’s sake and food
In the cool, clear winter air of Nikko, enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Nikko Mountain Range and the historical Cedar Avenue, and experience the flavors of the new season’s sake made from famous spring water and the local food.

The hiking event has finished. We look forward to serving you again.

Information for First Time Participants

Ekikara Hiking (Hiking from the Station) events are one-day events starting from stations throughout the eastern Japan area that anyone can participate in easily. They consist of hiking while experiencing the historical buildings and abundant nature of the areas around the stations. Participation is free of charge. Participation in the Ekikara Hiking event is very simple! All you need to do is apply through this website and then go to the reception counter at the hiking spot on the day of the event!
Organization of the Event
Application through this website The Day of the Event (Reception counter at the hiking spot) Collect your map at the reception counter Setting off on your hike!
It is also possible to join the hike on the day of the event but a prior application is more convenient!   English-speaking staff is available to help you!   English maps are also available.
A wonderful free gift is included!
Customers who make a reservation through the Internet will receive another wonderful free gift as well!
  There are no time limits, etc.
Please enjoy the hiking in your own way!

Overview of the Hiking

Please come to the reception counter on the day of the hike, where you will be given your Ekikara Hiking map (in English).
Advance reservations can be made over the Internet but participants are also welcome to just turn up on the day.

Date Saturday, February 25, 2012 All participants will receive gifts!
Original Can Badge
Original Can Badge
Hiking Map
(English Translation)
Application Time 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Nearest Station JR Nikko Line Imaichi Station

Recommended trains to Imaichi Station

Reception Area Imaichi Station on the JR Nikko Line
Walking Time Approx. 2 hours (excluding time looking round the sites)
Walking Distance Approx. 8 km
Tour Fee Free of charge
Lunch Feel free to bring your own lunch.
Guide This is not a guided tour. You can walk around there freely with a map.
Points to Note:
  • You will be walking for about 2 hours so please wear sturdy clothes and shoes, etc. on the hike.
  • The event will still take place even if it is raining on the day. In the event of rain please bring your rain gear with you.
  • Please take all of your trash home with you. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Hiking Course

The Ekikara Hiking this time is a course offering participants the opportunity to walk in the spectacular scenery of the Nikko Mountain Range and the historical Cedar Avenue, and to enjoy the new season’s sake made with Nikko’s famous spring water and the local food.
In addition, participants in the course can travel around a park in which they experience the atmosphere of many historical temples and shrines and the local natural beauty. Please have fun on this station hike, enjoying the vast nature of Nikko in the cool, clear air of winter.
Ninomiya Shrine, Walk
Ninomiya Shrine

Ninomiya Sontoku (Ninomiya Kinjiro) studied diligently while also working hard, and successfully restored the family business which had previously fallen on hard times. His talents were recognized, he was asked to help with the financial reconstruction being undertaken by the chief retainer of the Odawara Domain, and he was brilliantly successful.
Later a shrine was established in historical and distinguished Imaichi, where Sontoku lived at the end of his life, and he is still well-known among the people as the god of scholarship and business management even today.

Nyoraiji Temple, Walk Recommended
Katayama Shuzo sake brewery, Walk
Katayama Shuzo sake brewery

The brewery uses a smooth-tasting soft water (called Senryomizu) that is drawn up from 16 meters underground to make its sake. Many tourists stop off here on their way back from Nikko and Kinugawa to draw up some of the water to take home.

There will be tastings of the new season’s sake.

Suigobashi Bridge, Walk
Daiyagawa Park, Walk
Hotokuan soba noodle restaurant, Walk
Suginamiki Park (Park lined with cedar trees), Walk
Imaichi-juku Ichien Place, WalkRecommended
Watanabe Sahei Shoten sake-maker, Walk Recommended
Watanabe Sahei Shoten sake-maker

Since its founding in 1842 (the 13th year of the historical Tenpo era) this company has continued brewing sake in the cold winter air that blows down from the Nikko Mountain Range, using the famous cool, clear spring water from the foothills of the Nikko mountains. Approximately 90% of the full production volume is a pure sake called "junmai jozoshu."

There will be tastings of the new season’s sake.

Site of the New Season’s Sake and Food Trade Fair, Walk
New Season’s Sake and Food Trade Fair

Participants in this event can experience the flavors of famous local foods while walking along the avenues. You can taste food made with delicious local ingredients and ceremonial sake is also available.
Furthermore, folk singing and other performances will be presented at the site, creating a lively atmosphere in which to enjoy the sake.

There will be tastings of local food at the "New Season’s Sake and Food Trade Fair" site.

GOAL!, Imaichi Station

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Recommended Trains

From Tokyo Station
  Tohoku Shinkansen MAX Yamabiko 127 Tohoku Shinkansen MAX Yamabiko 129
Tokyo dep. 8:08 9:00
Utsunomiya arr. 8:58 9:50
  JR Nikko Line JR Nikko Line
dep. 9:12 9:57
Imaichi arr. 9:46 10:34

Tohoku Shinkansen timetables

Recommended Tickets
Recommended Tickets
If you are going from Tokyo to Imaichi,
the JR Kanto Area Pass is recommended because it can be used for access from Narita Airport and Haneda Airport.
The JR East Pass is recommended to anyone who would like to travel a little further because it offers inexpensive travel everywhere within the JR East area.
JR Kanto Area Pass