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CSR Report 2017

The CSR Report 2017 sets forth various initiatives being taken in the JR East Japan Group. It is published for the purpose of providing an accurate and simple description of these initiatives as well as promoting communication with our diverse stakeholders.

This report presents activities and progress in line with the JR East Group Management Vision V - Ever Onward.

While our desire remains to offer as much information as possible related to the safety, society, and environment, the report itself focuses in particular on areas where there have been notable changes.

For more information on the overall activities of the JR East Group, please go to our website.

This report has been written in accordance with the Core option of GRI's G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

Please click here to find the GRI guideline (G4) comparison table of this report in the booklet version (digest version). [PDF/67KB]

Furthermore, this report serves as a safety report required to be publicly announced by the Railway Business Act.

CSR Report 2017
Titles Size Download
All pages 20.58MB PDF
CSR Report 2017
Titles Size Download
Cover 1.17MB PDF
Group Philosophy / Basic Principles / Corporate Profile / Editorial Policy 105KB PDF
JR East Group's CSR 229KB PDF
Top Message 182KB PDF
JR East Group Management Vision V - Ever Onward - 214KB PDF
JR East Group Management Vision V : Priority group-wide tasks 175KB PDF
··· Special Topic ···
Progress of Automatic Platform Door Implementation
MIGAKU Improvements
Improving Quality of Transportation Services
Conveying the Appeal of JR East Areas and Helping to Revitalize Regions
HIRAKU Pioneer
JR Akita Shimohama Wind Power Station Begins Operation
Progress of India High-Speed Railway Project
Establishing workplace daycare facilities
Contents 147KB PDF
··· Safety ···
Our fundamental concept of safety 938KB PDF
JR East's safety management organization 208KB PDF
Efforts to further improve safety levels 3.38MB PDF
Current safety record of JR East 255KB PDF
Cooperation with customers and communities to ensure safety 306KB PDF
··· Society ···
Relationship with Passengers 2.50MB PDF
Relationship with Society 2.79MB PDF
Relationship with Employees 811KB PDF
··· Environment ···
Basic Concept for Ecology Promotional Activities 472KB PDF
Environmental Management 464KB PDF
Measures to Prevent Global Warming 1.65MB PDF
Measures for resource circulation 506KB PDF
Chemical substance management 88KB PDF
Environmental Conservation Activities along Railway Lines 505KB PDF
Corporate Governance 90KB PDF
Compliance 72KB PDF
JNR Reform and Full Privatization 407KB PDF
Corporate Info 1.23MB PDF
GRI Content Index (General Standard Disclosures) 116KB PDF
Independent Assurance Report (website version) 328KB PDF
Closing 80KB PDF
Back cover 770KB PDF
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