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Network Signal Control Development  Advanced Railway System Development Center

Network signal control development
Railway signals and motor operated points are controlled using metallic signal cables, which are individually installed from a signal hut of a station yard. There are many such signal cables, and we have to do extensive wiring construction and interconnection checking in station improvement work.
So we have been developing a new railway signaling system whose signal equipment is controlled by digital information using optical network technology. In this system, the number of signal cables will be reduced in stations, so we will be able to manage signaling facilities easily and prevent railway accidents due to faulty wiring. Additionally, this system will considerably reduce the time for construction, so the impact on passenger transportation will be minimized.
Network signal control development
Development of the network signaling control system is proceeding in stages, namely the “Station yard network”, “Network between stations”, “Station logical unit”, and “Railroad crossing control via a network”.
The first station network signal control system was introduced to Ichikawaono station on the Musashino line in February 2007. We plan to introduce "network between stations" to the Keiyo Line in or after fiscal 2013. Concerning the "station logical unit", we have completed basic development and are working on practical development toward the first introduction of the unit. As for the "railroad crossing control via a network", we are proceeding with studies ahead of development.