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Technical Review

JR EAST Technical Review No.33-Autumn 2015

We published this JR East Technical Review to provide information of our R&D. We expect more people be informed about the characteristics of our R&D, and thereby to encourage people to suggest how the progress can be made if new technologies are applied at our R&D efforts.
Special feature article
Future Power Electronics Applications for Railway Vehicle Traction

Keiichiro Kondo
Professor, Division of Artificial Systems Science,
Chiba University Graduate School of Engineering
Efforts of the Advanced Railway System Development Center in Building New Railway Systems

Koji Asano
Director of the Advanced Railway System Development Center,
Research and Development Center of JR East Group
Interpretive article
Research in Improving Productivity of Safety-related Software for Railway Signaling

Takashi Kunifuji
Principal Chief Researcher,
Advanced Railway System Development Center,
Research and Development Center of JR East Group
Special edition paper
Modeling and Evaluation of Thermal Environment in Railway Vehicles by Simulation

Nobuaki Hayashi, Ryohei Shimamune, Shinichi Hasegawa
Research and Development on Reducing Interior Noise in Shinkansen Vehicles

Shigenari Horikawa, Yoshihiro Fujii, Takeshi Kurita
Development of a Double Helical Gear Driving Device

Emiko Cho, Ken Iwanami, Fumihiko Suzuki, Ryohei Shimamune
Development of a Crew Schedule Data Transfer System

Hideto Murakami, Takashi Matsumoto, Kazuya Yumikura, Akira Nomura
Study of Requirements Analysis Method for Signaling Safety Software Quality Improvement

Takanori Ambe, Manabu Teramoto, Akimasa Okada, Yamato Fukuta
Study of a Millimeter Wave Communications System for Railway Trains

Tetsunori Hattori, Ryosuke Nakamura, Akira Kurita, Hisashi Kimura
Development of a Smart Level Crossing System For Traffic Convenience

Manabu Teramoto, Takanori Ambe, Yoichi Kansaku, Naoki Miyaguchi, Akimasa Okada, Yamato Fukuta
Research on Creating an Integrated Analysis Platform for Effective Use of Railway Maintenance Data

Mitsunobu Takikawa, Atsuhiro Takahashi
Development of a Fire Protection Device for Railway DC Substations

Koichi Nanaumi, Shoji Uematsu, Motohiko Onuki, Hiroshi Yamamoto