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"Front Line" Development

Development of Emergency Response Water Stop Material

Upgrading of Closures for ATS-P and P(N)
In the case that the roof of a train station develops a rain leak, there is nothing that we can attach to a wet surface to stop the water so we handle the situation by prohibiting people from entering the area with the rain leak and after the rain stops carrying out repairs when the surface is dry.
Therefore, we developed the "compress-type water stop sheet" which can be glued to the roof even when the roof is wet. Due to this we are now able to repair the place with the rain leak quickly without waiting for it to dry. With the product we have developed multiple pasting is possible so it can also stop the water when the leaking area is a complicated shape or the gap is large. Furthermore, the repairs can be made simply by pasting the sheet directly onto the place with the rain leak so the work process has been simplified and now anyone can do the job.