Short Trips From Tokyo

Take a day trip or an overnight visit from Tokyo. Only one or two hours outside of Tokyo, there is a vast array of places where you can enjoy nature, history, cuisine and more. We have created some itineraries so you can enjoy the best locations just like a local. For train travel, use JR East.


Gunma: Kusatsu/Minakami


Nasu Kogen


Chiba: Narita/Boso



Mt. Fuji

Yamanashi: Kofu

Saitama: Omiya

We have information for visiting other areas as well.

JR TOKYO Wide Pass

For train travel from Tokyo throughout the Kanto Region, use a JR TOKYO Wide Pass.

  • Good for unlimited travel for three days with reserved seats on Shinkansen, limited express and other regular trains for 10,000 yen.
  • Since this pass is also valid for travel from Narita and Haneda Airports, this is a great way to travel.

JR TOKYO Wide Pass

As of April 2014.