Featured Destinations
Featured Destinations

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  • SPRING Enjoy Cherry Blossom Viewing
  • SUMMER Fireworks Special Feature
  • SUMMER Special Feature: Festivals
  • AUTUMN Off to see the beautiful fall colors
  • WINTER Have Fun in the Snow
  • Season: early April to early May
  • Period: July to October
  • Festival season: Early to late August
  • Peak viewing dates: Early October to mid-December
  • Snow season: From early December
  • Hot Springs (Onsen)
  • Short Trips from Tokyo
  • Season: all year round

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A star symbol in the corner of a photo indicates that we have created a travel itinerary so you can enjoy visiting all the great spots even if you are unfamiliar with the area.

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For unlimited travel on JR East Shinkansen and limited express trains, make sure you have your JR EAST PASS.

  • JR EAST PASSES can be purchased and exchanged at Narita and Haneda Airports.
  • Advance purchases can be made online as well.