Material Procurement Information

Requests for Possible Business Partners

The cooperation of JR East's business partners is essential in order for JR East to implement the "Code of Conduct Regarding Material Procurement of JR East." Accordingly, JR East asks that JR East's business partners understand the "Code of Conduct Regarding Material Procurement of JR East," and work towards the following.

1. Pursuing Safety
  • · Comprehension of the quality required for railway safety
  • · Development of and proposals for goods that contribute to securing safety and to the ongoing improvement of safety
2. Technology Improvement
  • · Understanding the needs of JR East, and, working from this understanding, proposals for joint research and joint development based on the latest expertise
  • · Enhancement of research and development systems necessary for keeping and improving technological capabilities
3. Provision of High-quality, Low-cost Goods
  • · Ongoing efforts to provide high-quality and low-cost goods, and to achieve further cost reductions and quality improvements
  • · In addition to cooperation regarding regular maintenance, implementation of prompt, sufficient after-sales service, such as investigations to determine the cause of early failures and malfunctions, and to provide technical assistance and replacement items
4. Observance of Fair Business Transactions
  • · Active cooperation with, and the provision of accurate information for, screening and tests, etc. in the procurement procedures
5. Establishment of Transactional Relationships Which Lead to Mutual Development
  • · Comprehensive communications in order to establish relationships based on mutual trust
  • · Initiatives that contribute to continuous improvements in goods and in technological capabilities, intended to foster mutual growth and development
  • · Establishment of a system capable of supplying goods stably and timely
6. Fulfillment of Social Responsibility and Appropriate Handling of Information, etc.
  • · Compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and appropriate management of intellectual property and important information regarding the operational security of the railways
  • · Consideration for protection of the global environment, including green procurement and the reduction of environmental burdens imposed by goods
  • · Refusal of connections with anti-social forces and groups that threaten the order and safety of civil society

(As of October 28, 2014)