Material Procurement Information

Code of Conduct Regarding Material Procurement of JR East
- Basic Principles -

With respect to the procurement of goods, basically, JR East will timely procure high-quality and low-cost goods with sufficient after-sales services, in order to pursue "extreme safety levels," which are given top priority for its management, to fulfill the improvement of the quality of services, such as stable transportation, and to strengthen the management structure.

In addition, for the further advancement of railways, JR East will broadly seek superior technology and goods both domestically and from abroad, and will actively utilize such technology and goods.

With respect to transactions, JR East will follow the principles of faith and trust, and will handle transactions equitably and fairly, in a nondiscriminatory manner, regardless of whether domestic or foreign.

Furthermore, JR East will strive to establish relationships based on mutual trust with business partners, and will aim for the establishment of transactional relationships, which will lead to mutual development.

For procurement, JR East will endeavor to comply with laws and regulations, protect the global environment, and fulfill its corporate social responsibility.

(As of October 28, 2014)