JR EAST Travel Service Center Tokyo Station

JR EAST Travel Service Center (Tokyo Station)

Welcome to Japan

The JR EAST Travel Service Center will be a travel facility unparalleled in the world for travel assistance, exclusively for foreign travelers. Staffed by employees who speak English, Chinese and Korean, the center will provide ticket and sightseeing information.
In addition to providing JR pass exchange and purchase services, the center will hold and deliver hand luggage, exchange money, and provide a variety of other services at Tokyo Station, a point of departure for travel in all directions.


JR EAST Travel Service Center - Tokyo Station

JR EAST Travel Service Center - Tokyo Station

Map of Tokyo Station

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Business Hours

JR EAST Travel Service Center – Tokyo Station
Hours of operation 7:30 – 20:30, every day of the year
ATM hours: 7:30 – 23:30, every day of the year
Business Hours: 8:30 to 19:00, to 17:00 on weekends and holidays
Open 365 days a year
(Domestic travel packages are available for sale between 11:00 and 19:00 on weekdays.)

JR EAST Travel Service Center

Credit Cards

We accept the following credit cards. Only cash (Japanese currency) can be used to recharge Suica cards.

Credit Cards (JCB/VISA/Master Card/AMERICAN EXPRESS/Diners Club)

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Products Available at JR EAST Travel Service Centers

Tourist Information

Tourist Information
Travel information and guidance is provided for throughout Japan, and particularly for the JR East service area.
The JR EAST Travel Service Centers carry tourism pamphlets and offer free Wi-Fi.

Recommended sightseeing areas in the JR East service area

Tokyo sightseeing

Short trips from Tokyo

Major Travel Services and Pass Exchanges

Major Travel Services and Pass Exchanges
JR EAST PASS (Tohoku area)
JR EAST PASS (Nagano, Niigata area)
JR TOKYO Wide Pass
JR East-South Hokkaido Rail Pass (Opens in a new window.)
Hokuriku Arch Pass (Opens in a new window.)
Hokkaido Rail Pass (Opens in a new window.)

Pass services

Ticket services

  • Shinkansen and limited express ticket sales
  • Suica sales
  • Various other tickets


  • Package tour sales
  • Lodging reservations

Recommended travel passes and tickets

Online seat reservation for Shinkansen and Limited Express Train

Baggage Services

Baggage Services

Temporary storage of hand luggage

Take advantage of our check-in services for hand luggage so you can take in the sights around Tokyo Station.

  • Hours of operation: 7:30 to 20:30
  • Fee: 600 yen per item (tax included)
  • Please note that checked-in luggage must be reclaimed on the same day before close of business.

For further details, inquire at the service window.

Delivery services (TA-Q-BIN)

We ship packages in Japan and abroad.

  • Prices for this service vary according to factors such as shipping destination, and the size and weight of the package.
  • Please note that restrictions apply to certain items.
  • For further details, please see the following website:


Porter services

Porter services are available in the locations listed below within Tokyo Station.
    ・The Shinkansen (JR East, JR Central)
    ・Keiyo Line
    ・The Hato Bus loading areas
    ・The taxi loading areas
    ・The Airport Limousine loading areas (Yaesu south exit)
    ・At Tokyo Station Hotel

  • Porter services are offered in English and Japanese.
  • Reservations available 7:30 - 18:00
  • The fee for porter services is 1,500 yen for up to three items (size and weight restrictions apply).
  • These services are not available for certain items such as skis, snowboards and folding bicycles.
  • If there is not adequate time for the porter to reach the destination before the boarding time, requests for porter services may be denied.
  • JR East does not bear any responsibility for failure to arrive by the boarding time due to delays caused by station congestion or the like due to unexpected events in the station such as inclement weather, a delayed train or an unscheduled stoppage.
  • Services are available only at the service window. Please see the service window for further details.

Currency Exchange / ATM

Currency Exchange / ATM

Currency exchange window

The currency exchange window provides cash exchanges in 33 currencies, and sells traveler's checks and other products.

Foreign currency exchange ATMs

Automated machines providing cash exchanges in seven currencies.
See the website below for further details.



Use credit and debit cards issued in other countries to withdraw Japanese yen.


See the website below for further details.


As of July 2016.